Perfect Lighting For Your Outdoor Space

Landscape Lighting in Bethel, NY by Landworx Landscaping of NY. 

Landscape Lighting in Bethel, NY by Landworx Landscaping of NY. 

Proper use of low voltage landscape lighting takes many years of experience and study. Lighting design, whether concerning the inside or the outside of the home, is a true art.

The trained professionals at Landworx Landscaping in Goshen, NY design and install landscape lighting systems across the Hudson Valley region each and every season. We recommend locating lighting fixtures in some key areas for optimal safety and beauty in your outdoor living spaces.


High traffic areas should always be well lit for increased safety and function. Referred to as path lighting, fixtures are best placed along the outside edge of walkways and pathways; ensuring that light adequately but softly guides the way.


Landscape lighting fixtures from manufacturers such as Integral and Cast Lighting are perfectly designed to be included within hardscape features like retaining walls, seating walls, steps, and staircases. Check out and for more information.


Many of the outdoor living spaces created by Landworx of NY include landscape structures such as pergolas, pool cabanas, arbors, and trellises. Lighting these structures with overhead-mounted niche lights can be very effective. Landscape lighting fixtures can also be located high up in mature trees, angled to gently illuminate planting areas and pathways.


Plantings are an important design element of any landscape design, especially in the Hudson Valley. Path lights double here as an effective way to light plant material and this makes a huge difference in ambience after dark.


Last but not least, the residence itself! At the core of the landscape lighting system is the uplight. This fixture is most often used to illuminate the main structural features of the house. You simply have not seen anything more beautiful than a house after dark artfully glazed by soft light. Uplighting is also great for shining up on larger trees and statuary to add depth to the nighttime landscape.