Creating a beautiful front entryway

The exterior entryway to your home creates a first impression that is critical to the overall success of your landscape. While making this a warm and welcoming passage is certainly important for your guest’s eyes, it's most important for you, the homeowner. We hear time and time again that a newly landscaped front entrance is a huge source of joy and excitement for homeowners across Orange County and the greater Hudson Valley. And this sure does make sense as there are few investments more satisfying and impactful than an improvement to your home’s curb appeal.  Here are a few key elements to consider when planning your new front yard landscaping project.


HARDSCAPING  When talking about a front entryway to your home, functionality is the number one concern. Ensure that walkways and steps are safe, well designed for traffic and regular use, and easy to maintain. Concrete pavers from manufacturers like Unilock are a great choice for durability and style. Natural stone products like bluestone and flagstone are also excellent choices for your front walkway material.

LIGHTING  Low-voltage landscape lighting is a must-have for the high traffic areas of your home’s landscaping. In addition to the standard light fixture by the front door, consider step lighting and path lighting for increased safety and beauty. On the market today, there are many choices of landscape lighting fixtures for placing in garden beds along a walkway and under the step treads of a front entrance staircase.

PLANTING  Plant material is essential for bringing together your front yard landscaping. A properly designed landscape will include planting beds that help to soften the hard edges of the stone, as well as help with water management and runoff.

OUTDOOR DÉCOR  A final touch of style is the most commonly overlooked element of a welcoming front entryway.  Whether it’s a few boldly colored planters, a vibrantly painted front door, or an outdoor rug laid over stone or wood, these soft touches are what bring your outdoor space to a new level. The outdoor living spaces of your Hudson Valley home deserve the same love and attention as your interior spaces.