3 reasons why fall in the Hudson Valley is perfect for plantings

Hudson Valley planting design | Landscaping Orange County. NY

Contrary to popular believe, the landscape planting season doesn't end come October. In fact, it's just beginning! Because the summer sun here in Orange County, NY can be harsh, trying to establish new plants during the heat can be very challenging. That's why professionals tend to install large new plantings during the cooler months of the year before winter sets in. Here's 3 reasons why autumn is great for pulling the trigger on that new foundation planting, privacy screening, or large tree planting. 

1. The new root systems have time to grow.

Planting in the fall gives shrubs, trees, and perennials time to become accustomed to their new homes. Come spring and summer, their root structures have had many months to establish good growth structure and they are better suited to take on the heat.

2. You get to choose beautiful fall bloom colors when, well, they're in bloom!

Fall is when a large number of trees and shrubs show their beauty. It's difficult to select the plants you wish to use—think Burning Bush and it's fire red glory—in the spring if they are fall blooming specimens. Installing plantings in the fall allow you to see exactly what you're choosing. 

3. Autumn rain showers and cooler temperatures make it easy to keep the soil moist.

With any new planting, regular watering is the most important factor to success. Planting in the summer months makes it extremely challenging to maintain optimal moisture content underground. Luckily, fall in the Hudson Valley usually comes with lower temperatures, morning dew, and regular rain showers. Talk about making your life easier!