3 things to consider when planning your outdoor space

Planning a new outdoor living space can be very involved. While you certainly have ideas of what you would like the space to look like and maybe even a budget, it can be overwhelming to make all the decisions. Here are a few things to consider while you are working with your landscape professional to carve out the details of the design and installation. 

1. Size matters

A great question to ask yourself when thinking of creating an outdoor living space is probably not much different than what you thought of when you bought your home. How much space do I need? Who will be using the space? Do I want to entertain regularly? Getting an idea of how many people will be using the living space is a great first step. From there,  landscape design professional will be able to project the necessary square footage needed. 

2. How will you use the space

Some Hudson Valley homeowners are looking for a small space to have regular dinners with just their family of four. Others entertain large groups of family and friends 26 weekends a year. The outdoor living spaces these folks will need are going to be very different. Do you want to have a fully functioning outdoor kitchen? How about a swimming pool for your family to enjoy? Write down exactly what you see you and your family doing in the newest “room” of your house. 

3. Maintenance

Most families are running around like crazy these days—soccer practice here, basketball game there, and somehow dinner needs to be prepared in the middle. Ahhhhh?!?! The best outdoor living space in the world will only be a headache if it requires your constant attention and work instead of enjoyment. Choose concrete paver products that are durable and guaranteed for life. Choose a decking material that will outlast your years. Consult an Orange County, NY landscape company for advice and material choices. 

image courtesy of Allmodern.com.