Bold Colors for Bold Outdoor Style

Materials like bluestone, fieldstone, and concrete pavers are beautiful materials for walkways and patios. Combined with the subtle tones and hues of plants used strategically alongside the hardscape, your landscape design is certainly not boring or lacking color. But it may just be lacking pops of BOLD color. 

Inside, homeowners use artwork, pillows, blankets, and the ever popular accent wall to introduce bold colors to add interest and pizazz. But outdoors that isn’t always so easy. Although sometimes challenging, adding space to your Hudson Valley landscape is seriously rewarding in the style department. 

For this outdoor living season, try using some bright colored outdoor pillows to bring excitement into your design. Add a throw rug with bold hues of blue, purple, or orange. Outdoor curtains are becoming very popular as a way to divide larger spaces into smaller ones, resulting in intimate outdoor living rooms. Make them a vibrant yellow instead of white and watch the style points go though the roof.

All of this said, it is a great idea to practice restraint when using powerful colors. Picking an accent color and inject it in a few different ways can be a great strategy!