Health + Beauty = A Natural Swimming Pool

There’s not much better than taking a refreshing dip in the pool to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. But what if that pool was a natural swimming pool? Chemical free and as beautiful as beautiful as a serene lakeside spot.

Natural swimming pools use plants and gravel to maintain clean water in lieu of harsh chemicals. Essentially a swimmable water garden, creating the perfect ecosystem is key to maintaining an environment that you’ll enjoy. 

As for the style of your natural pool, the options are pretty varied. Designers can create anything from a pond look-a-like to rectangular and fairly modern natural pool. And just like standard liner or gunite pools we see often here in the Hudson Valley area, natural pools can be surrounded by beautiful pool decks for lounging and entertaining. a natural stone patio or a Ipe deck would be an amazing fit for the natural oasis feel.

While you may not save maintenance money or time over a traditional pool, your body and skin will thank you for the lack of chemicals. Besides, does it really get any more beautiful than these natural pools pictured here?