3 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor LED Lighting

An outdoor lighting project by Landworx in Hudson Valley, NY

An outdoor lighting project by Landworx in Hudson Valley, NY

Whether your outdoor lighting is installed to light up the front of your house, or throughout your backyard, there is nothing that can create as much elegance, charm, and peacefulness. Trees and architectural elements with uplighting and spotlights provide a sense of calm and stillness.

Besides its immediate beauty in the evenings, there are hundreds of reasons of why you need to get outdoor LED lighting in your home. We've narrowed it down to the top 3 reasons that our customers have shared for getting outdoor lighting in their outdoor home spaces. Have some other benefits? Let us know in the comments!

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1. Reduces your chances of burglary.

You know the old saying about leaving a small light on to give the appearance that someone is home? Well this applies to your outdoors! Properly installed outdoor lighting discourages crime-lovers from invading your home because it forces them to work in the light. No burglaries = lower home insurance costs.

2. Extends the usability of your backyard.

Sure, you can bring a candle outside or even light the fire pit for a cozy evening on the patio, but that's nowhere near enough lighting to entertain a large group (4+ people) for more than a couple of hours. Outdoor spaces that are well lit keep kids, adults, and animals more likely to stay outdoors. Which leads to number 3.

3. Keeps children and animals safe.

Bumps, turns, and steps are the most obvious perks of safety from outdoor lighting. There's quite a bit more, including intruding lurking animals and tripping hazards (like a sprinkler or a toy on the ground). Hardscape, step, path, and flush mounts are great for this.

Happy lighting!