4 Unilock Permeable Patio Options for Warwick Homes

Warwick, NY retains an old-fashioned charm while being acutely aware of current environmental issues. The town’s guidelines for recycling and water conservation, public interest and community organizations that make it their mission to preserve the town's integrity as a rural community show an increasing environmental consciousness in the area. This also extends to construction and landscaping - and that's where Unilock permeable pavers come in.

Permeable pavers absorb rainwater, reduce runoff and prevent soil erosion. In addition, permeable pavers help to remove pollutants before they make it back into natural water reserves. As far as human safety is concerned, permeable pavers have their advantages here too. Snow and ice melt quicker on the surface of permeable pavers, decreasing the chances of anyone slipping on your patio. To help you choose your eco-friendly paver, here are four great options from Unilock.


Eco-Priora pavers have a patented interlocking joint that prevents them from being displaced, even when subjected to heavy loads. Specially designed spacer bars create a 7mm gap between pavers that can be filled with stone chip to enhance the permeability of the paver and provide a pleasing aesthetic.

These pavers are available in three sizes, two rectangular and one square, for flexibility in design, creative bordering and a choice of laying patterns.


When you hear “filigree”, you may think of something that is delicate and ornamental. Turfstone pavers create a filigree design that is, indeed, ornamental, but it is also strong and durable. Each paver is 23 ½” by 15 ¾” and contains 8 cells (openings) that are 3 ½” by 3 ½.” These cells can be used to provide space for grass or moss to retain a natural aesthetic while the pavers provide a strong, stable base. This offers the best of both worlds - lawn and patio in the same area. You can also use decorative stones to create some eye-popping colors and textures while allowing for excellent drainage capabilities.

5 Permeable Patio Options for Warwick Homes

Town Hall™

Town Hall pavers appeal to those who cherish the nostalgic charm of red brick pavements and value the strength and durability of concrete. The 9 ¾” by 4" pavers are cast from original brick pavers and are meticulously manufactured with a fine antique finish that makes them a time worn classic.

The eight color pigments are formulated to hold up under the blazing summer sun and the harsh snow and ice of winter. While the pavers themselves are not permeable, they are compatible with permeable jointing such as Unilock EasyPro Joint Compound to enhance the eight laying patterns and weave sustainability into your inimitable design.

Uni Eco-Stone™

Uni Eco-Stone pavers are tough enough to support an RV and elegant enough for your patio. The classic shape and size (9” x 4 ½”) of the pavers allows you to recreate the cobble setts of old European towns while providing maximum drainage capabilities for your outdoor spaces.

Rather than using the typical interlocking joints, spaces are created at the corners of these pavers that are then filled with a clean, hard-crushed aggregate that provides rapid filtration of rainwater.

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