7 Landscaping Dont's

10 Landscaping Dont's

Dont make these landscaping mistakes in walden, pine island, bethel, and goshen in NY

There's a famous saying (typically via a poster) out there with the iceberg. You know, the one that shows the tip as success and then all the obstacles that took to get there (at success) are labeled underneath the iceberg tip (in the water). Well, that's kind of how beautiful, perfect landscaping works. There is a lot of behind the scenes work - from proper planning, careful material selection, to correct installation, and of course, maintenance. If a landscaping project is in your future, here are the seven mistakes you need to avoid.

  1. Don't try to calculate how many concrete pavers you'll need yourself. This isn't one of those simple things in which you just calculate the square footage and then divide it up based on the paver size. There are many things to consider - from joint sizes, edging, patterns, and a variety of points.
  2. Don't design the outdoor space without consideration of your home's architecture. The most beautiful spaces aren't beautiful in every backyard. A lot of the design impact depends on how well it complements the home's style. 
  3. Don't design the backyard space based on the one event you have every year! Sure, you'll host one event in which you invite 75 people and you should consider that, but the other 100+ warm days will be without that many people. Create spaces that enable you to enjoy them all the time.
  4. Don't create disjointed outdoor areas. You may need a pool patio, deck, kids play area, and a variety of other outdoor living areas and just like your indoors, you need to be able to get each space comfortably (otherwise you'll find yourself not using all the spaces). A variety of paths/walkways serve the same purposes as indoor hallways.
  5. Don't plan alone. Include everyone in your home during the planning process. For those that can't talk (like the very little ones or furry animals), consider their needs. Your outdoor spaces should make everyone happy - in terms of function and beauty. For example, there are plants that aren't safe for dogs and there are some elements that are simply dangerous for small children (like very small rocks).
  6. Don't skip understanding the required maintenance for your choices. Some materials for plants, patios, decks, and other areas require more maintenance than other materials. Often, it's worth it - but it really depends on the value the material selections bring you and your family. Plan ahead.
  7. Don't assume all contractors have the same installation standards. It's not a rare occasion in which we are called to fix driveways, patios, walkways, and other areas that were installed incorrectly by someone else.