Adding Music To Your Landscaping in Orange County, NY

From walkways and patios to mulch, grass, and flower gardens, a landscape comes together in many layers. Why not add another element with music? Make your landscaping the perfect destination for parties and backyard barbeques by investing in an intelligent speaker system. Of course, providing a remarkable audio experience requires attention to a few essential details which, if overlooked, can be detrimental to long-term durability and satisfaction. Add music to your Orange County, NY landscape the correct way with these need-to-know tips.

Be Specific

Before incorporating music into your landscaping, it’s important to be clear about how you plan to use it. For instance, would you like sound to reach all parts of your yard, or are you targeting a certain area or two? If you‘d like the latter, consider the size of your outdoor space when deciding how many speakers to purchase. More spacious areas will call for additional speakers stationed throughout. If you’re focused on adding music to your entire landscape, a complete outdoor speaker system will be needed to get the job done. Through strategic placement of multiple speakers, getting high quality sound in furthest reaches of your backyard is easily achievable.

All-weather Protection

If you aim to concentrate music in a patio or outdoor kitchen area adjoining your home, situate your speakers underneath eaves or other protective coverings to shield them from the elements. In such cases, it’s usually fine to purchase an audio system labelled “weather-resistant.” Just be sure to use a reliable 14-gague wire that is CL3 rated for fire safety when mounting speakers. Extensive outdoor audio systems require more care, as they are constantly exposed to rain, wind, sun, and chemicals which can degrade their performance and appearance. Choose “weather-proof” speakers and check manufacturer specifications for durability under conditions wherein pool chlorine or fertilizer are involved. For best quality and longevity, built-in speakers made for your backyard is your best bet.

Direction Matters

Aside from audio system quality, the single most important detail to note when adding music to your landscaping is speaker direction. Outdoor speakers may typically be tilted in a variety of angles, allowing you to target multiple areas of coverage with precision. Proper aim is important because it evenly distributes sound quality and volume, preventing “blind” or overly loud spots on your landscape. Angling speakers also directs sound toward your property instead of away from it, which could disturb neighbors and passersby.

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Everything in its Right Place

Finally, it’s necessary to remember that location is key when incorporating music into your landscape. Space speakers far enough apart that they disperse audio evenly, but not too distant as to leave sound gaps. Avoid placing speakers behind physical interferences such as boulders or thick foliage to preserve sound quality.


The right outdoor audio system, when correctly installed, lends an extra sensory element that can transform how you use your backyard. Sit back, relax, and delight your ears with the addition of music to your landscape.