Controlling Your Landscape from Your Phone

With the emergence of new smart technology, homeowners are beginning to see opportunities of being able to control varying aspects of their home from their phones or tablets. From home-surveillance to opening window blinds and adjusting the lighting, smart homes are now becoming a reality. While this kind of technology hasn’t yet reached every home in America, the benefits are being discovered by exponentially more homeowners every year. Now some companies are taking the advantages of mobile controlled systems into the outdoors, allowing you to control the features of your landscape with your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

control your outdoor lighting, irrigation, sprinklers, and pool for your phone with lono and other gadgets in Bethel and Goshen, NY

Control Irrigation From Your Phone & Save Water

Smart irrigation systems and sprinklers are becoming a must to maintaining plantings and the lawn. These systems make watering your yard far easier while simultaneously reducing water consumption. Smart sprinklers use data collected from sensors and weather forecasts, as well as a database of specific requirements for certain plants, to deliver the optimal amount of water when needed. Lono is one such system that allows you to customize your watering schedule, control multiple zones and check on each zone’s moisture levels right from your phone or tablet. And the bonus: the Lono smart irrigation system boasts a 20-70% reduction of water usage!

Keep Your Swimming Pool Sparkly

Using systems such as the AquaConnect remote pool management system from Hayward, allows you to automate and customize your swimming pool’s pH and chemical levels, pump schedules, filter cycles and adjust the functions of other water features in your home from your Wi-fi network or remote internet connection. Sensors allow accurate readings of your pool water’s chemical levels without the need for additional testing kits. Hayward also allows you to manage multiple pools, so that you can check up on your vacation home using any web-enabled device. An automated chemical delivery system for your pool will not only keep it looking pristine even during off-season, but you’ll also ensure that you and your family remain protected from the recreational water illnesses.

Control Your Outdoor Lighting

If you dream of being able to turn on your patio lighting with a glass of wine in hand and your cat curled up in your lap - all while reclining in your swinging egg outdoor wicker chair, then mobile lighting control is definitely the answer. Flicking the lights on or off is one thing, but what about adjusting the brightness for a more intimate setting? Or, get this, change the color of your outdoor lighting altogether for a specialized mood or to match the theme of a party. The Phillips Hue offers just such a luxury. A Phillips Hue starter set comes with 3 LED-based bulbs and an electronic bridge that will allow the bulbs to be detected by your home Wi-Fi network. You can add up to 50 additional bulbs per bridge and access the color/brightness settings of each individual bulb by downloading the app on your phone or tablet. These bulbs can be used on the inside and outside of your home provided they are within range of the bridge. Although the bridge is designed for indoor use, it offers a range of up to 30m depending on obstacles, making this unique lighting system ideal for your outdoor entertainment area or patio.



Image: Lono