LED Tips from an Outdoor Lighting Contractor

LED Tips From an Outdoor Lighting Contractor

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From elegance to safety - there are numerous reason why properly designed and installed outdoor lighting can transform any outdoor space. Today's most popular type of outdoor lighting is LED. It's ideal for outdoor use and adds a unique element of curb appeal, value, and cohesiveness to the design of the home’s exteriors. LED is usually the best bet for outdoor lighting. Here, we reveal why.  


Know Your Limits

It is possible to have too much or too little illumination around the home. Understanding the amount of light that is provided through the different LED lighting fixtures will lend in creating the look that is perfect for every outdoor design. 

Consider the Issues of Safety

Some LED lighting can cast shadows which make things go bump in the night. These things can lead to bruised chin bones, broken toes, or other injuries that just are no fun to deal with. Know when to place lighting lower to the ground to illuminate walkways and landscaping objects that can cause tripping and falling accidents.

Not all Detailing is Written in Stone

Some of the most elegant detailing seen around the home’s exterior is created with patterned lighting. These varying LED lighting fixtures create unique designs such as a fanned out pattern or sunbeam effect. Understanding the different directions in which the lighting fixture will cast the light’s rays will give you a better understanding of the appeal your home will deliver when the sun goes down.

Think Outside of the Box

Through the years much innovation and research has gone into creating lighting for the home and the imagination of the homeowner. Hidden LED lights, which can be incorporated into the hardscaping create a sophisticated accent that is often invisible to the imagination but bright to the viewer’s reception. The magnificent options available allow for accenting around outdoor bars or creating curtain patterns for a romantic glow around the patio. Say yes to relaxing walks through softly lit gardens!

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There truly is no limit to the amount of enjoyment you can receive from your home when you know the proper way of incorporating LED lighting to the design plans. Whether you enjoy entertaining larger groups or desire the tranquility that a softer glowing light setting has to offer, you will never get tired of the look and feel your new LED lighting will deliver once it is installed.


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