Making an Above Ground Pool Look Like it’s Inground

Above ground pools are the quickest, least expensive way of adding a swimming pool to your Orange County, NY backyard. The problem with above ground pools is that they don’t have quite the same sleek, finished look as an inground pool. If you’re in a hurry and trying to save a few dollars with an above ground pool, there are a couple options available to you to ensure you still attain some of the aesthetic of an inground pool.

Bury the pool

Firstly, you can have the pool completely or partially sunk into the ground. This option can reduce some of the above ground exposure of your pool and also help you achieve a certain level to match other garden features, such as the height of your patio, for example, or sinking it into a slope.

Partially sinking an above ground pool is structurally safer, as loose soil can cause a collapse of the structure of your pool should the pool need to be drained at any point. Circular pools exert more outward pressure, so can be a better option for this, whereas oval and rectangular pools are weakest at their narrowest point and tend to pose more risk. Another problem with dropping an above ground pool is that the contact with the soil will inevitably reduce the lifespan of your pool by causing its exterior to rust. Partially sinking the pool, as opposed to burying it completely, will limit the exposure of the pool exterior to the soil. The fact of the matter is, making an inground pool out of an above ground pool is going against the purpose for which the structure was designed.

Surround the pool with Decking

Decking provides a nifty surround for your pool so that you can enjoy the benefits of an inground pool while drastically improving the above ground pool’s aesthetic. Decking can partially or completely enclose your pool, or simply provide an adjacent platform to relax, barbeque or slip into the water. Decking may contribute to the cost of your pool, but compared to an inground pool, you’ll still be saving money. Decking is also quick to erect and if you have issues with the topography of your landscape, a decking surround for your pool is definitely the answer. Timber does come with a fair amount of maintenance, but composite decking provides a low maintenance, long-lasting poolside solution that won’t develop rot or water damage.

Surround the pool with Hardscaping

For the more lavish, a concrete platform surrounding your pool is possible but runs the risk of adding considerably to your cost. If however, you are planning a patio remodel, adding an extra alcove for your pool may in fact save you money on your remodel as less materials will be used. This would normally only be possible if your patio is higher than ground level. As with decking, the hardscaping can either completely or partially encase your pool, while stone veneer matching your patio may be used to dress up your pool’s exterior. Hardscaped pool surrounds are certainly a visually attractive option, but also offer extreme durability.

In conclusion, partially sinking your pool can be done and may be necessary to achieve a certain level or counteract a sloping yard, while both decking and hardscape options provide the perfect access platform for your pool, and contribute to your pool’s safety and its aesthetic.

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