Outdoor Lighting For Your Front Entrance

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Outdoor Lighting For Your Front Entrance

Most Orange County homeowners go to great lengths to make their guests welcome but often overlook an essential element of creating a hospitable environment; lighting the entrance.

There are many things that your front entrance is not. It is not just the front door. It is not just the foyer or the porch, and it is certainly not just the walkway. While you may refer to your entrance as the area directly under the door, realistically the impression of your entry begins further back, where lighting and landscaping create a focal point leading to your front door. Simply put, your front entrance is the transitional space from the outdoors to the indoors, where first impressions are made even before the door swings open. That said, perhaps the most crucial detail to an appealing yet functional front entrance, at least during the night, is outdoor lighting

Although proper lighting is often heralded as the number one theft deterrent, it need not be harsh or merely functional. After all, you can achieve a range of effects with lighting in your front yard like uplighting trees along a winding driveway, using accent lighting to create silhouettes and shadows, defining changes of level in steps, and highlighting outdoor centerpieces. Light source should produce a glow that flatters the architecture but isn’t too conspicuous. Related: Bring life to your driveway!

Naturally, it is impossible to discuss landscape lighting without mentioning the advent of LED technology. According to U.S Department of Energy, modern LED lighting is seven times more efficient than conventional lighting and lasts up to 25 times longer. In fact, switching entirely to LED lighting for your landscape could reduce your energy consumption for lighting by nearly 50%. But is it a viable solution for outdoor lighting? Yes! LEDs require little maintenance, are easier to install, and last longer, make them their preferred lighting option when it comes to the front entrance (or really anywhere around your home).

So where do you start?

The best landscape lighting design for your entrance should start with a plan. If you're also considering some landscaping updates - do all of your landscaping planning together, if possible. Some basic things to consider when planning for front entrance lighting include:

Available space. Are you looking to make some spaces appear larger or perhaps maybe, more intimate? 

Type of fixtures. Is there a fixture you have your eyes on or are you hoping the lighting fixtures just blend in?

Budget. Outdoor lighting can completely transform your front entrance, but everything comes with a price. Consider your overall landscaping budget if you're doing other updates and have your landscaping professional help you understand how much of that should be spent on outdoor lighting.

The front entry is an extension of your home, and therefore, it is important to keep it well-lit for purposes of navigation, security, and aesthetics. This spring, create anticipation for what's on the other side of your door with smart landscape lighting solutions that reflects your style!

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