Bring your swimming pool patio to the next level with an outdoor fireplace

Bring your swimming pool patio to the next level with an outdoor fireplace

A pool patio built using Unilock pavers, including a fire feature by Landworx Landscaping in Goshen, NY

A pool patio built using Unilock pavers, including a fire feature by Landworx Landscaping in Goshen, NY

If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace to your pool and patio area, your options are diverse and plentiful. Today’s entertainer is both savvy and design-conscious, already well aware that a fully realized “outdoor room” adds more than a patio; it expands the home beyond the backdoor and adds another place to gather. You can take your home from being just a nice place to entertain to a whole other level – one that is a perfect setting for any occasion.

With the addition of an outdoor fireplace, you can turn your pool and patio area into a 3 seasons entertainment space perfect for those chilly spring and fall nights here in Warwick and Goshen, NY. So here are a few ideas that can help you create that Wow! response when a cheerful fire greets your guests after a dip in the inground pool. That's not just comfort, it's luxury! 


Create a Separate Outdoor Room >> 

One notable way to bring the inside out to a pool patio is to create an area that is totally distinct from the rest of the patio. A wooden pergola over a natural stone outdoor fireplace—or perhaps a sleek, modern outdoor tiled fireplace—at one end gives the illusion of being a separate room; the fireplace as the focal point. Do you want this to be an al fresco dining room or a kick-back lounge with outdoor couches in front of the dancing flames? Decisions, decisions. Be sure to add design details like tied-back drapes for a hint of exotic intimacy.


Include Outdoor Cooking Features >>

If you love to wear a "Kiss the Cook" apron, consider adding a functional outdoor bar or kitchen, complete with barbecue smoker, sink, grill, somewhere close the the outdoor fireplace. Guests naturally gather in kitchens, so bring the kitchen to them! Your guests can go for a swim in the pool, warm up by the stone outdoor fireplace, and then relax with drinks and snacks while you rustle up a delicious meal in the outdoor kitchen. Not looking to install a complete outdoor kitchen? No problem! Incorporate an outdoor pizza oven right into the fireplace. This option makes the outdoor fireplace even more the center of attention for your Hudson Valley landscape.


Tie in the Architectural Details >>

An outdoor fireplace can extend the beauty of your home seamlessly. A house with travertine tile flooring indoors can continue to flow organically through open doors onto a natural stone patio. Continue the details with the stone choice for the outdoor fireplace and all the way out to the swimming pool. If your home features a lot of brick, consider a brick fireplace on the patio and use a brick border on your patio design. Even think outside the box and put a rough wooden mantel over a fireplace.  This functional and sophisticated indoor-outdoor focal point will light up your gathering.


Dramatic Double >>

A free-standing, two-sided fireplace can be both stunning and practical. Keep towels and robes on one side and a seating or dining area on the other to create intriguing visuals. The fireplace will serve as a divider between the two areas and provide a striking element adjacent to the inground swimming pool.

Creating an integrated outdoor living space that includes both a swimming pool and an outdoor fireplace is a perfect way to add style to your Florida, NY area home. So whether you want to roast hot dogs or cook elaborate paellas, entertain casually, host a garden wedding or just gather family and friends for the holidays, an outdoor fireplace will help create a sophisticated and stunning outdoor living space for everyone to enjoy.