Another look at this Backyard Hilltop Haven in Goshen, NY


A hosting area that highlights the innate beauty of this Goshen, NY property


By working with the natural slope of this Goshen, NY backyard, our designers integrated an artistically inspired respite for hosting and relaxation. From top to bottom, this design utilizes extensive natural stone retaining walls, flowing water elements and private pockets for dining, relaxing and taking in the beauty of the surrounding ponds and waterfalls. Guest can weave around to a stone-stacked, custom outdoor fireplace and patio before following the stone stairways to the fully equipped outdoor kitchen. Arranged with a bar, dining area, barbecue and pergola, this comprehensive landscape overhaul blends natural beauty with dynamic hosting possibilities.


Landscape Design Renovation in Montgomery, NY


Accenting a vibrant outdoor space with expert masonry


The aerial view of this hardscape redesign truly speaks to the harmony and balance struck between this Montgomery, NY stone poolscape and front-to-back property enhancements.  By utilizing a hand-curated collection of natural stone and concrete pavers, our designers constructed a customized layout for stylish, safe and dynamic hosting and relaxation. The symmetrical stone pool mirrors its outer patio while framing several pockets of seating with accented stonework. The same thematic design and stone combination weaves to the front of the home, extending out to the driveway, all the way up to a stone-stacked mailbox.


Modern and Serene Warwick Poolscape


Reflecting the natural surroundings of this Warwick, NY backyard sanctuary


This custom pool and stone patio reimagined a Warwick backyard into a summer respite from a busy lifestyle. Naturally hued pavers extend into a poolside lounge area fit for a full lounge and cabana area and space for seating and dining. Gray, naturally cut stone and pockets of lush gardens pepper the waterside, reflecting the backyard's rural surroundings. In such a verdant area, designers chose an asymmetrical, rounded design that flows with the shape of the yard while maintaining a clean, modern balance.


Pine Island, NY Hardscape Redesign


Using natural stone walls to balance a rolling landscape


Our design team reimagined an expansive Warwick backyard to include the supportive structure of stone retaining walls, patio and hand-laid stone steps. From doorway to the property edge, an intricately designed retaining wall encompasses changing elevation from home to yard. Its two arms reach beyond the patio and down into the landscape, leading the eye throughout the property. Beneath the new stone stairway, pavers spread across a spacious patio for lounging and dining while looking out over the verdant yard. The mix of natural stone and pavers create both a practically stable and aesthetically balanced hardscape to balance with the immense outdoor space.


Our Landscape Craftsmen at work. 


Warwick, New York Tranquil Outdoor Seating Area


Three symmetrical hosting areas built from natural stone


Adding structure to an expansive outdoor space should elevate the landscape, encouraging rest and relaxation while remaining appealing to the eye. Designers incorporated three consecutive stone seating areas to create both a spacious and dynamic backyard hosting space for this Warwick, NY home. Stone retaining walls hug the inner circle where family and guests can sit around a fire pit on cool evenings. Connected walkways lead to two smaller pockets of seating, ideal for dining or morning coffee. Lush gardens filled with local foliage surround each circle, transitioning the structured stone to the rolling green landscape of the rural home.


Custom Bluestone Walkway and Patio for this Classic Warwick, NY Home


Framing the home with natural bluestone from front yard to back patio


Naturally harmonizing with the sweeping curve of this Warwick, New York landscape, large format slabs of bluestone lead to a natural stone backyard patio. By using bluestone slabs of identical sizes, the walkway takes on a clean, modern appearance while melding with the natural hues and textures of the surrounding garden, yard and home's classic architecture. Even with their uniform cut, every piece of bluestone features a one-of-a-kind texture and color to catch the eye as each visitor travels around the home. The walkway curves around from the front entranceway to the backyard seating area, culminating at a natural stone patio with surrounding retaining walls and lush garden.


Phase 2: Goshen, NY Backyard Garden Sanctuary


Revisiting the creation of a Backyard Retreat in Goshen, NY


By utilizing the innate beauty of Pennsylvania Bluestone and natural fieldstone, Landworx designers and installation craftsmen married a flowing walkway, softly curving retaining wall and expansive patio in this zen-like Goshen, NY landscape. After taking in the artfully tiered stone-stacked garden walls, guests emerge before the outdoor fireplace, the centerpiece of the backyard patio. Custom-stacked with natural stone, this towering fireplace is a one-of-a-kind piece designed by the dedicated Landworx team. With flowing water fountains and layers of multi-colored plantings and foliage, this garden excites all the senses throughout the year.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers

Sunny Orange County, NY Outdoor Living Space


Natural Elegance Highlights this Charming Backyard Gathering Spot in Orange County, NY


Flowing with ease from the raised dining area to the expansive fire pit lounge, natural bluestone step slabs guide guests through a rustic-yet-chic garden and backyard haven. Designers at Landworx in Goshen, NY chose the Unilock Brussels Dimensional System wall, which creates seamless curved separation from the rolling hills and fire pit gathering space.  When family and guests explore this personality-filled backyard spot, they flow from the dining and grilling area, down the natural stone steps and finally out into the communal fire pit patio area that highlights the surrounding garden and sprawling yards.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers

Elegant Montgomery, NY Poolside


Minimalist Poolscape Highlights Sprawling Orange Country Landscape


When a landscape provides endless, extensive views as in this Montgomery, NY backyard, artful and minimalist layout allows the land to speak for itself. Elegantly surrounded by Techo Bloc Blu 60 Smooth pavers and Natural Bluestone coping, this symmetrical poolscape combines beauty with space and comfort. Natural fieldstone walls raise the yard toward the custom natural stone fire pit, which overlooks rolling mountains and surrounding foliage throughout the year. Structured and chic, this poolscape, dining area, and fire pit welcome large gatherings of guests to enjoy the surrounding beauty year round.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers

Contemporary and Chic Backyard in Chester, NY


Multi-tiered Landscape Design by the Pool in Expansive Chester-area Backyard


Inspired by the rich, multi-tonal views of the property, Landworx incorporated naturally beautiful Pennsylvania Bluestone throughout this expansive poolside and tiered patio. With geometric simplicity, this cleanly laid rectangular pool mirrors the modern elegance of the home, while taking advantage of the multi-tiered elevations offered by the backyard. Tight-fitting natural stone retaining walls create a one-of-a-kind look to the multi-leveled garden design. Guests weave their way through the artfully designed flower beds and shrubbery before heading down to lounge on the warm stones by the poolside.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers

Naturalistic Paver Patio in the Chester, NY Area


Chic Outdoor Dining Area in Garden-filled Orange County, NY Backyard


Skillfully constructed with the Unilock's Brussels Dimension System, these custom-tapered stones encase a spacious, elegant outdoor dining area for lounging and hosting. The wall's intricately designed curve flows with the natural shape of the yard while providing ample space for traveling throughout the dining area. The softly toned wall materials blend with the countryside landscape, adding an additional level of style to the structure. As guests explore the backyard and prepare for dinner, CST pavers line the patio, from the border of the home to the steps and walkway. In the evenings, a balanced lighting design safely welcomes guests to enjoy a summer evening around the table.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY

Mountainside Views by the Pool in Pine Island, NY


Sun-filled Paver Pool Patio in the Hills of Orange County, NY


Seamlessly complementing the natural ebb and flow of the Pine Island, NY landscape, this sprawling poolside transformed an already expansive area into a respite from a busy week. Elegant pavers from the Techo-Bloc's Blu 60 collection surround the poolside, lined with a delicate Hera 6x9 border. Their signature Antika cobblestone transitions into the fire pit lounge, backed by the flowing countryside and surrounding foliage. Framing the pool patio, sits a multi-tiered garden, showcasing the unique topography of the backyard space. Whether lounging by the reflective pool or warming their feet by the fire pit, guests in this backyard can appreciate the stunning surrounding area while finding comfort in a well-designed poolscape.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY

Stylish Poolscape in Orange County, NY


Elegant Warwick area Retreat by the Poolside


Nestled in the natural flow of this Orange County, NY, backyard, family and guests can now retreat around a cozy stone fire pit or by the paver pool patio on both a warm afternoon or chilly fall evening. From the dining area to the natural stone diving board, Unilock Copthorne borders the softly toned Unilock Beacon hill flagstone patio with ease. The artfully stacked retaining wall separates the pool zone from the cozy eating area, adding eye-catching elevation levels and aesthetic variety to this rolling hillside space. Above all, a transitional planting design, filled with lush local foliage, comforts guests and family alike as they cherish the surrounding nature of the area from from spring to fall.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers

Orange County Poolside Serenity


Peaceful Elegance Surrounds this Orange County, NY, Pool and Dining Patio


Surrounded on all sides by stunning, dense forest, this Goshen, NY area poolside transitions gracefully from landscape to patio. Landworx contractors utilized Techo Blu 60 stones with a Hera border throughout the winding patio and pool areas. Elegant stone veneer surrounds the calming waterfall and welcoming fire pit as well. Patches of flowers and local grasses complement each curve and pocket surrounding the poolscape, making this an ideal place to dine, lounge and swim while appreciating the stunning natural surrounding of Orange Country throughout the summer and fall.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers

Backyard Resort in Middletown, NY


A backyard resort with endless hours of entertainment in Middletown, NY.


This remarkable hosting sanctuary welcomes guests for long days in the sun by the pool and warm nights by the rustic, expansive outdoor bar and kitchen. When guests enter this outdoor oasis, they can travel in and out of the water with ease using the bluestone beach entry, even lounging directly in the water if they choose to use the sun ledge. A curated collection of Unilock pavers and Bluestone work their way through the space, blending it with the rural surrounding property. For more excitement in the day, two waterslides weave through the natural rock structures, surrounded by rushing waterfalls and a one-of-a-kind stone diving rock. To complete the day's experience, this resort includes a full-service kitchen and bar just off the lounging and pool areas, providing everything a guest desires for a total escape from life's rhythm.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 3.47.18 PM.png
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.00.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.01.13 PM.png
Paver walkway in Goshen, NY
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.01.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 3.47.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.02.15 PM.png

Restoring an Island in Orange County, NY


An outdoor kitchen and in-ground pool sit perched on a secluded island.


Encircled by the property's rich, rural views and accents, this natural poolscape serves as a respite for complete relaxation both in the heat of summer and on cool nights by the fire pit. A combination of modern structure and hand-chosen natural stones create this one-of-a-kind patio, providing a work of art to be experienced by residents and guests alike. Set atop an island of smooth, distinctive stones, guests smoothly travel between the in-ground pool, full outdoor kitchen and dynamic lounging space that spreads throughout the property. At the end of the evening, a group can gather around the stone-stacked fire pit that looks out of the river that weaves its way into the distance. This unique design fully complements the beauty of its natural haven.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.19.47 PM.png
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.20.11 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 4.20.21 PM.png

Lakeside Sophistication in Bethel, NY


A lakeside oasis in Bethel, NY where beauty and relaxation await.


With the goal of further accentuating the breathtaking lakeside views on this Bethel, NY property, designers at Landworx seamlessly blended a complementary outdoor oasis with the property's stunning features. Unique, natural stone line the walkway and patio around the curved pool and hot tub, snuggly edging along the property's hillside. The poolscape is encircled by a natural boulder retaining wall, separating the structure of the lawn and welcoming guests to travel into the connecting paths of the property. Additionally, the Landworx team chose an ideal spot for a stone fire pit, welcoming its visitors to gaze out over the expansive lake that surrounds the neighborhood.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 3.47.18 PM.png
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers
Paver walkway in Goshen, NY
Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 3.47.08 PM.png

Landworx of NY Headquarters: Transformation

Our Goshen, NY headquarters went through a transformation for beautiful plantings, driveway, and walkway. 

This complete transformation fully utilizes the dynamic, flowing landscape that surrounds the Landworx Headquarters location. Visitors are warmly welcomed to our Goshen, NY home with a lush, artistically curated collection of flora and fauna, showcasing the natural beauty of the building's location. Smooth, winding patios and a hand-laid stone patio lead up to the serene patio that surrounds the storefront's entrance. Between the trickling fountain and flowing softscape, clients can now take in the expansive possibilities of an effective outdoor space.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers
Paver walkway in Goshen, NY
plantings in front of a retaining wall in Goshen, NY
Outdoor living and retaining wall remodel in Goshen, NY
Landworx Landscaping in Goshen, NY

Swimming Pool Patio Retreat in Sugarloaf, NY


Relaxation and entertaining awaits at this poolside patio in Sugarloaf, NY.

This Sugarloaf, NY family enjoys a tranquil afternoon lounging by the pool in this multi-level backyard patio. Soft masonry design blends with the rich surrounding foliage, and three separate dining areas welcome guests and family members to indulge in an afternoon cocktail or chat by an open fire. Kids and adults alike take in the gorgeous backyard while swimming and playing in the expansive pool that lays at the foot on the flowing patio.

Swimming pool patio in Sugarloaf, NY
swimming patio made with Techo Bloc concrete pavers in Sugarloaf, NY
Techo bloc paver patio and retaining wall in Sugarloaf, NY
Sugarloaf, NY poolside patio
Sugarloaf, NY Swimming pool patio with pavers

Grand Entrance: Warwick, NY


Walkways that perfectly complement the home and naturalistic plantings for an incredibly welcoming entrance for a Warwick, NY home.

From the sun-soaked, winding entranceway to the welcoming backyard patio, guests and residents of this Warwick, NY home find solace in the newly balanced landscape. By utilizing a variety of naturally toned pavers and curated stonework, the Landworx team added a sense of harmony between structure and the property's rural surroundings. A variety of locally selected plants and a complete outdoor lighting design guide visitors throughout the day and evening hours.

plants and circular front entrance in Warwick, NY
Copthorne circle walkway in Warwick, NY
warwick, NY paver walkway and entrance
Warwick, NY unilock paver walkway
grand entrance makeover in Warwick, NY
walkway attached to driveway in Warwick, NY
Concrete paver walkway in Warwick, NY