Backyard Resort in Middletown, NY


A backyard resort with endless hours of entertainment in Middletown, NY.


This remarkable hosting sanctuary welcomes guests for long days in the sun by the pool and warm nights by the rustic, expansive outdoor bar and kitchen. When guests enter this outdoor oasis, they can travel in and out of the water with ease using the bluestone beach entry, even lounging directly in the water if they choose to use the sun ledge. A curated collection of Unilock pavers and Bluestone work their way through the space, blending it with the rural surrounding property. For more excitement in the day, two waterslides weave through the natural rock structures, surrounded by rushing waterfalls and a one-of-a-kind stone diving rock. To complete the day's experience, this resort includes a full-service kitchen and bar just off the lounging and pool areas, providing everything a guest desires for a total escape from life's rhythm.

driveway with pavers in Goshen, NY
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pavers and natural stone entrance in Goshen, NY
Goshen, NY walkway and steps with concrete pavers
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Paver walkway in Goshen, NY
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