Touches of Simple Class: Goshen, NY


Lush plantings of purple, yellows, and greens rest against a backdrop of timeless bluestone 


With quite a long distance from the driveway's edge to the front door, along with a substantial grade change as well, the Landworx team designed and installed one of their trademark entrances. Meandering just enough to add interest but still maintaining perfect function, a series of bluestone steppers and landings lead visitors to the front door. Carefully placed pops of color in the form of pottery, lavender, and plump blue/green evergreens make for a peaceful walk up. 

A bluestone walkway leads around the side of house and opens up to a traditional bluestone patio in the backyard. Working perfectly with the home's ornate architecture, the large format bluestone in squares and rectangles was carefully selected for it's rust-colored highlights. Raised on the back side with a tight-fitted natural stone retaining wall, the patio provides an outdoor dining room of the backdoor sliders.