Landscaping Monroe NY

Great landscapes include many different elements that—when designed properly—all work together seamlessly.

Landscape Design Monroe NY

Amazing landscapes start with great design. Disciplined attention to the fine details within a space is what makes Landworx's approach unique. Our clearly defined style and vision shines though beautifully in the spaces we create for our clients.

Swimming Pool Monroe NY

Nothing brings you out to your backyard oasis quite like warm sunny days! Barbecues with family and friends, graduation parties, lazy summer weekends—such get-togethers are all made so much better with a beautifully finished outdoor space. And that means a swimming pool and the perfect area around it to relax and hang out. If you have been dreaming about upgrading your swimming pool patio space at your Goshen, NY home, read on for the latest tips and trends for turning this aspect of your landscape into the coolest spot in the neighborhood.

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Masonry Monroe NY

Natural stone is the perfect material for building sustainable outdoor kitchens in Monroe, NY. Most types of natural stone perform well when installed outdoors, and issues such as humidity, climate and staining can be handled before and after installation with the help of an experienced contractor. If you want to achieve an organic look that seamlessly blends with the rest of your landscape, natural stone is the ideal material for your outdoor kitchen. With a range of striking colors and textures, natural stone will bring elegance to your outdoor area.

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