Types of Masonry Used in NY Landscapes

The right type of masonry for your Bethel, NY, landscape project should reflect your lifestyle, fit your budget, and be a beautiful yet functional addition to your landscape. Masonry refers to the process of building a structure with stone, brick or concrete. This is often achieved by fusing materials together using mortar, although dry masonry does away with this using specially manufactured materials or skilled craftsmanship to stack boulders or stone pieces. Here are the most popular types of masonry in the NY area:

Two Main Types of Masonry Work

In general, there are two types of masonry work: veneer, and solid masonry. While solid masonry is used to build free-standing, sturdy structures, veneer masonry serves mainly an aesthetic purpose. Veneer masonry uses another solid structure as a base, while the materials are put together on the outside surface of the structure in attractive shapes and forms.

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Stone Masonry

If you are looking for a material that will lend a sense of permanence to your hardscape elements, consider stone. Natural stone is a popular masonry material used for building steps, retaining walls, seating, and other focal points. The stones that can be used for masonry can be dressed or undressed. The former come in more clean, fluid sizes and patterns. Undressed stone is the rough stone that provides a rustic look with its irregular patterns and textures. If you’re looking for that weathered, natural appearance, this last option is definitely the way to go.

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Types of Masonry Used in Bethel, NY Landscapes

Stone veneer is also a highly versatile material. It is available in cut stone pieces which are suitable for formal installations, and randomly sized pieces called “chunk stone” which are great for achieving an old world look for fireplaces and walls.

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Natural stone in its many forms is a classic masonry material that complements any type of landscape, offering a wide range of warm earthy tones, as well as tans, grays, blues and orange shades.

Brick Masonry

Brickwork, one of the most popular forms of masonry, is a traditional method used for building different types of verticals. Bricks come in a range of textures and colors, including both traditional and modern style blocks. Brick is a highly durable material that maintains a warm, bold aesthetic for many years. Bricks are made from clay or sand mixed with water and lime. Different types of bricks may contain different ingredients that are mixed, pressed together and once nicely shaped, baked at high temperature. Although the brick look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, for traditional and cottage style homes, it can be a welcome addition.

Concrete Masonry

Concrete masonry is an affordable, fire resistant, and versatile option, with pieces available in a vast number of sizes, shapes, and forms. Relatively recent developments in manufacturing processes have allowed the production of concrete units that resemble natural stone and brick, often doing away with the need for mortar by providing strength and cohesion with a tight interlock. Concrete pavers and wall units are a popular choice among homeowners because of their flexibility, durability and visual appeal.

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