Custom Stone Features for Stunning Warwick, NY Landscaping

Natural stone is a material that speaks of authenticity and comfort. The right custom stone features can help you add detail, character and warmth to your Warwick, NY, outdoor areas, all with a personalized touch. Let’s take a look at how patios, walkways, fire feature, and entranceways can be crafted from custom stone products, with inspiring results.

A Stunning Patio

To fully complete your landscape, you’ll need an amazing patio. This is the main outdoor area where your family and guests will congregate, so constructing it in line with your personal vision is important. The right combination of style and color will make it a natural extension of your living space.

Bluestone is ideal for adding modern sophistication, traditional beauty, and even a rustic touch using irregular shaped pavers. The smooth texture and subtle coloring is pleasing to the eyes and provides plenty of opportunity for custom touches, such as incorporating accents of different stone or colors. Bluestone can be highlighted using brick or dark slate bordering for a unique effect.

Bluestone blends well with the horticultural aspects of your landscape as well, making for a seamless transition from hardscape to softscape.

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Flowing Walkways

Custom stone walkways don’t just connect spaces and create flow, they take you on a journey through your landscape. Natural stones helps to ensure that walkways are durable, inviting and full of character. Flagstone, for example, can be used to create some stunning custom designs and is highly compatible with a number of different design styles. The irregular shape of uncut flagstone is ideal for complementing a naturalistic setting and the organic shapes of quaint, meandering walkways through dense foliage.

A Roaring Fire Feature

Having a fire pit or outdoor fireplace installed creates an amazing focal point for your landscape or patio space. Visitors will be instantly drawn to it, especially when the weather is cool. Natural stone offers much variation to ensure a completely customized and unique fire feature.

Fire pits are easily installed and can be as simple as a circular formation of boulders or as impactful as stacked slate or flagstone to suit your patio and other surroundings. For an old world look, consider a custom made boulder fireplace. Custom fireplaces allow for tinkering with the design to include space for wood storage, or cabinets to extend the storage space of your outdoor kitchen.

Custom Stone Features for Stunning Warwick, NY Landscaping

A Unique Entranceway

The walk to your front door gives visitors an initial impression of your landscape as a whole. We all know how important first impressions are, so make it a great one.

Adding stone pillars to frame your entranceway, or incorporating stone steps and walkways is highly effective in achieving this. Natural stone can also be incorporated into retaining walls to house raised plant beds for additional greenery in a front yard setting. For a quick curb appeal boost, consider highlighting your existing front walkway with a natural stone border. Natural rock features can further enhance the curb appeal of your property.