Landscaping Ideas to Instantly Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is at the forefront of your home’s allure and requires special attention in creating a memorable welcoming for first time visitors, real estate appraisers and potential buyers. More than this, jaw dropping curb appeal is something you can look forward to coming home to at the end of every day. For the house-proud homeowner, we have put together a number of ideas that will ensure your Warwick, NY home looks every bit as lovely from the street as it does from within.

Install natural stone entryway pillars

Entryway pillars are a great opportunity to showcase quality natural stone. They also create a warm and dramatic welcoming by framing the walkway leading up to a home. These pillars can be tied into the home’s aesthetic by incorporating tones within the building’s facade or by matching other vertical features or hardscape materials. If the front of your property is bordered by a hedge, natural stone pillars can create a strong break from the vegetation. Alternatively, these can be incorporated into the boundary wall. Functionally, entryway pillars can be used to hang a gate of an accompanying style or be left to stand as they are as purely decorative features flanking the entrance.

Plant mature trees

Planting mature trees rather than saplings allows one a head start on the slow process of growing a tree from a seedling and provides an immediate transformation of your front yard. Large trees can be a huge asset for homeowners in terms of aesthetic value, as well as boosting the monetary value of a home by providing shade and reducing energy costs by blocking direct sunlight and wind. Creating privacy, limiting noise pollution and attracting wildlife are still further reasons to invest in transplanting adult trees.

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Invest in a stone veneer home exterior

A stone exterior can lend an air of timelessness to any home, incorporating the warmth and beauty of natural stone along with a greater variation of texture and accent options. To enjoy the visual benefits of a stone veneer exterior the facade need not be completely covered. A single facet can be just as impactful, as can simply cladding the home’s entrance wing. Alternatively, the veneer can cover just a band along the bottom of the house’s front, creating the impression of a sturdy stone foundation. A stacked flagstone look provides fine detail and can contribute to a rustic theme, while larger stones provide excellent visual weight and a bold enduring appearance.

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Dress your frontyard hardscaping with borders and accents

Landscaping Ideas to Instantly Boost Curb Appeal in Warwick, NY

The value of strong borders and striking accents cannot be underestimated. Contrasting borders frame hardscaping areas and can be used to enhance the visual impact of their colors and textures. Bordering can also be used to break up large expanses and separate areas of differing functions. Along with accents created using colors borrowed from the home’s exterior or vertical hardscaped elements, bordering can be used in frontyard walkways, driveways or patios in order to unify a design and bring the elements together in a visually harmonious fashion.

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