Key Outdoor Lighting for Front Yards with Great Curb Appeal

Lighting is central to creating curb appeal for your property in the evening hours. It’s also important for safety and functionality of the outdoors at night. If you’re looking to enhance these aspects of your Florida, NY, home once the sun goes down, consider adding the following outdoor lighting features to your front yard:


Up-lights focus light in an upward direction - perfect for highlighting trees and other vertical features, such as outdoor fireplaces or the facade of your home. This ensures that the focal points of your front yard remain noticeable even after dark.

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Wall Mounted Lights

Mounting lights on the walls on the sides of the garage, or near the front door can help illuminate your house at night. Though outdoor lighting generally aids in brightening the yard, lights mounted on the walls can also highlight the best features of your architecture as well. Wall mounted lights can also be applied to low wall and retaining walls, making them a prominent feature in your evening landscape and ensuring that they continue to provide visual structure to your outdoor spaces.

Solar Lights along Walkways

Key Outdoor Lighting for Front Yards with Great Curb Appeal in Florida NY

Walkways can appear beautiful at night if properly illuminated. Walkway lights highlight the surface of your walkways and provide a degree of ambience. Flowers and shrubs found along the way are also illuminated by path lights. This can be done effectively using solar powered lighting. Solar lights placed along the walkway transforms your yard into something magical at night. These operate by storing energy from the sun during the day and turn on automatically in the evening. Not only is solar power good for the environment, it’s also a great way to keep your landscape lit with minimal maintenance and energy cost.

LED Lighting for Extreme Longevity

Popular options for landscape lighting are halogen and LED. LED is preferred because of its versatility and durability. LED’s have an extremely long working life and can last up to 100,000 hours. This means you’ll have no worries about having to change bulbs every few months. LEDs are suitable for the outdoors, designed to withstand shock, vibrations, and all kinds of inclement weather. LED’s are also a great way to conserve energy costs, using very little electricity.

Decorative Lighting

Outdoor lighting isn’t all about practicality. Decorative lights serve little function, but nonetheless add that unique sparkle to your front yard. These can take the form of string lights hung across your driveway or woven between the branches of trees for aesthetic effect. Use decorative lighting to give your front yard added depth and dimension and boost evening curb appeal even further.

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Ideal for showcasing the best features of your yard, flood lights are suitable for areas that need a large amount of light, such as small groves of trees, plant beds, or the side areas of your home. Care should be taken not to overpower the ambience when using floodlights. When used correctly, however, floodlights can effectively provide lighting to large swathes of landscape that would otherwise remain in shadow.

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