6 Fun Ideas for Decorative Outdoor Lighting

With all of your landscape lighting in place and functional lighting installed in your outdoor kitchen and other work areas, decorative lighting provides the finishing touches to a great lighting plan. If you’re looking for a new take on holiday decorative lighting for your Florida, NY landscape this season, or simply wanting to add sparkle to your outdoor gatherings in the new year, these ideas for decorative outdoor lighting offer some inspiration in getting the shimmering ambiance you’re after.

6 Fun Ideas for Decorative Outdoor Lighting Florida NY


Paper lanterns are a staple decorative lighting source for festivals all over the world, providing a gentle glow and an assortment of attractive colors. These can be strung from trees or hung from lines between structures and provide the perfect backyard ambiance for special occasions. More permanent decorative lanterns are a better option for year round use and range from handcrafted Venetian masterpieces to theme appropriate flourishes. Solar powered LED lights provide a safe and convenient alternative to candles or kerosene fueled lanterns.

String lighting

String lights are synonymous with this time of year. Rather than going all out, however, string lights can add to the seasonal mood by using them with finesse, strung from trees or outdoor structures. String lighting can also be used the rest of the year round to create a delicate ambiance. Smaller fairy lights can be used to dress up trees or support poles and add the perfect touch to an evening landscape.

Multiple LEDs

Solar powered LEDs or LED lights with their own power source can be used to create multiple points of light. Placed on the surface of a wall or the ceiling of your patio, these points of light can be arranged to mimic a starry night’s sky or ornamental pattern. LED light arrangements makes for a subtle but effective decorative lighting feature.

Colored lights

Colored lights have a multitude of uses, from lighting up water features to contributing to a particular mood. During winter time, blue colored lights can be used to enhance a snowy environment, while warmer colors contribute to a cozy, festive mood.

Light up planters

Light up planters are an excellent way of incorporating decorative lighting into existing landscape features, highlighting potted plants and adding an unearthly, almost surreal quality to your landscape. White light up planters are an excellent complement to a winter landscape and can be used as a subtle alternative to holiday season lawn decorations. However, other color can also be used if you’re feeling adventurous. Like regular planters, light up planters come in a range of shapes to match your geometric theme, from glowing orbs to tapered columns.

Tree Chandeliers

For something different, tree chandeliers offer decoration at all times of the day, creating a sparkling, luxurious atmosphere. As a winter landscape decoration, tree chandeliers can be used to create a magical Christmas environment with the crystal beads of the chandelier mimicking the sparkle of icicles and frost. A single chandelier can be used as an attractive focal point, while multiple chandeliers can be used to provide decorative lighting for a large outdoor gathering or to create a festive front yard.