5 Ways To Include Quality Masonry Into Your Landscape Design

Stonework can bring a great deal of charm to a landscape design, providing texture, color and variation, while contributing to the design theme of your Pine Island, NY yard. The key to achieving this is through quality masonry:  the selection of world class materials and skilled craftsmanship. Here we’ll take a look at some of the elements of landscape design that can benefit from our expertise and the vibrancy of first grade natural stone and concrete products.


Steps are a great way to link and create flow between two outdoor areas separated by a height difference, providing safety and accessibility to your outdoor areas. They’re also a fantastic way to incorporate the beauty and warmth of natural stone into your landscape. The multi-faceted nature of steps provides for vertical displays of quality masonry that can take the form of stacked slate or large pavers. as well as horizontal coping to match or complement the vertical surface. Alternatively, large irregular blocks of natural stone can be used to construct stairs with a rustic look, in harmony with their surrounds.


Like steps, walkways link and create flow between outdoor spaces. Winding walkways can also contribute to backyard layout by separating outdoor sections of differing function, while simultaneously providing form in line with the geometric theme of your landscape design. Meandering walkways, for example, contribute to a free-form, naturalistic design, while straight lines and right angles can complement a modern aesthetic. Likewise, the choice and lay of the stone forms an integral part of the visual theme. Irregular flagstone, cobblestone and the warmth of sandstone contribute to a welcoming, traditional or rustic look, while granite, slate and bluestone are excellent for both modern and more traditional design themes.

Front Yard Plaza

A front yard plaza or even a simple driveway is an excellent opportunity to exhibit the character and various laying patterns of stonework, while presenting a large surface for additional designer accents. The addition of extra stone features, such as fountains, water features and sculptures provide further opportunity for complementary masonry work. Edging using stone of contrasting color or texture can be used to further enhance a driveway or plaza in order to create an eye catching front yard aesthetic and contribute to curb appeal.

5 Ways To Include Quality Masonry Into Your Pine Island, NY Landscape Design

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a versatile solution to numerous design and layout challenges, and can be used to create outdoor spaces from unused sloping ground, provide seating around patios, and contribute to a design incorporating spaces lying on multiple levels. Attractive stonework is essential for achieving outstanding retaining walls. Stacked slate veneer, for example, contributes natural character and an aesthetic rich in texture and visual interest, while marble, granite and limestone can be used for a smooth, neat appearance perfect for manorial elegance or a modern design theme.


As the foundation of your outdoor living experience, your patio is arguably one of the most important outdoor spaces and requires special consideration when deciding on materials, layout and design theme. A great patio incorporates the warmth and richness of masonry to create a space where you and your family can relax, socialize and enjoy the outdoors. High quality natural stone or concrete products are perfect for creating this sanctuary, ensuring durability, comfort and a timeless aesthetic.

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