Perfect Patio Makeover Ideas

Winter may have provided cover for a drab patio, but with spring just around the corner, there’s no time to waste. If you’re looking for a fresh look for your Warwick, NY patio to start spring off in style, these makeover ideas may be just the thing your patio needs.

Introduce greenery with retaining wall planters

Low walls are an excellent way to section off portions of a yard or create a more intimate outdoor space. Retaining wall planters serve the same purpose, but with the additional benefit of providing a bed for flowers, small trees, shrubs or vines. This provides the perfect softening counterpoint to hardscaped areas, while offering color, greenery and privacy. For a pre-spring patio makeover, why not border your patio with thriving vegetation and springtime flowers with the help of retaining wall plant beds?

Refresh the surface with new patio pavers

New patio pavers can make a drastic difference to an old patio. If your current patio is drab, damaged or simply built from a material that doesn’t appeal to you anymore, a makeover of new natural stone or concrete pavers will bring it back to life and re-inspire. Repaving with darker colors such as slate or granite can be a great way to create a sleek, modern look or create contrast with lighter elements of your landscape or architecture. On the other hand lighter pavers like the golden yellows of sandstone are excellent for creating a cheery atmosphere, while the warm reds of brick are great for a warm, comforting environment.

Perfect Patio Makeover Ideas for Warwick NY

Update patio furniture for a fresh look

One way to quickly refresh the look of your patio is to swap out the old furniture for a more fashionable look. While select pieces can serve as stunning centerpieces, don’t forget large, comfortable seating options such as outdoor sofas that are sure to transform your patio into a relaxing, luxurious space. When selecting patio furniture, keep the color of your patio pavers in mind. Crisp lines and strong contrasts create a striking effect. The interesting lines and dark color of black cast iron against lighter pavers is always a winner, for example.

Install a fire pit or fireplace

A fire pit or fireplace makes an immediate difference to an outdoor space because of the warm atmosphere it brings with it. Both options are also aesthetic centerpieces in their own right, even when they aren’t housing a crackling fire. Not only will a fire pit or fireplace contribute visually to a patio area, it’ll also extend the use of your patio well into the evening.

Go for a specific look

A specific design theme can be just the thing to give your patio personality and help narrow down your selection of pavers, furniture and other decorative elements. Introduce an elegant, feminine touch with a shabby chic, cottage or french country look, or go for a more rugged masculine theme with a rustic, industrial, modern or minimalist style. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t mix and match for a more eclectic patio theme.