5 Landscaping Tips for Attracting Wildlife

A thriving yard, buzzing with life, is a welcoming yard. Not only does attracting wildlife to your Bethel, NY yard have the benefits of creating your own space to enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of nature, it’s also a good way to protect and conserve the local fauna and flora. Here we’ll look at some landscaping features that you can introduce into your yard to create a bustling hub of local birds, insects and other animals beneficial to your landscape.

Water features

Birds are attracted to the shimmer and gurgle of running water in the form of streams, fountains and waterfall features. Timid birds will often be persuaded to come out from their treetop hideouts for the chance at refreshment. Ponds are another way to introduce wildlife into your yard in the form of koi or other pond fish. Frogs can also be encouraged to make a pond or backyard stream their home. In return, both frogs and pond fish will keep populations of flies and mosquitoes to a minimum around your home.

Trees for foliage

Squirrels and birds will often be attracted to a yard for no other reason other than taking shelter in the foliage of trees. Trees with dense branch systems and canopies provide them with protective cover against birds of prey and a quick escape from ground predators like cats. Large trees are also a huge asset to a property in terms of aesthetic and character, and can slash energy costs by providing shade and a windbreak to your home during summer.

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Fruit and nut trees

You can take this a step further by introducing fruit or nut trees to your yard.  Even fruit bearing trees and bushes whose produce is inedible to humans can be a delicacy to local birds, squirrels, butterflies and bees. A simple rule of thumb to ensure that your fruit and nut trees attract the local wildlife is to ensure that the trees themselves are indigenous, even though wildlife is seldom deterred when delicious fruit is on offer.

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5 Landscaping Tips for Attracting Wildlife to your Bethel NY Backyard

Flowering plants

Bees, butterflies, ladybugs and other insects that are conducive to a healthy ecosystem are attracted by the alluring scent of flowering plants. The bright colors of flowers along with the insects that they draw in turn attract nectar and insect-feeding birds and can contribute to a dazzling display of natural life during the spring and summer.

Rock gardens

Not many people associate rock gardens with prosperous ecology, but many species of bird engage in sunbathing as a means of ridding themselves of parasites and even for the sheer pleasure of soaking up some sun. Such birds are known to be attracted to the warmth stored in natural stone and rock gardens provide the perfect spot where they can spread their wings and enjoy some time in the sun or warm up in the early morning or evening. Although rare in New York state, there are also several species of lizard that you might be lucky enough to find basking in the warmth of your decorative rock garden.