4 Ideal Seating Solutions for your Outdoor Fireplace

As with any room designed for relaxation and socializing, the process of selecting furniture for your Warwick, NY outdoor fireplace area should be done with comfort in mind while still considering the size of the furniture and the amount of space you have available. Here are some seating solutions that we hope you’ll find helpful when deciding on a layout for your fire area furniture.

Permanent Benches and Wall Seating

4 Ideal Seating Solutions for your Warwick NY Outdoor Fireplace

Permanent seating is always an excellent idea if it can be done in such a way that it is doesn’t become a hindrance to the area’s flow and later furniture arrangements. Permanent benches along the perimeter of the fireplace area can enclose the area while leaving room for additional moveable seating as well. The same effect can be achieved with retaining wall or low wall seating, leading to a cozy, intimate area that can simultaneously host a large number of guests. Because a fireplace is relatively closed off, people seated along straight benches may not receive equal exposure to heat. On the other hand, this allows people to choose their spot based on how much heat they prefer. Curved or semicircular benches are an option to mitigate this and create an area with a more organic shape.

Permanent Stools

Permanent stools are perhaps more common as fire pit features, however arrangements can be made for use around a fireplace as well. These stools can be used to provide single seats to guests. A number of permanent stools can be arranged in a semi-circular arrangement around the fireplace for even exposure to heat. The advantage of stools is that unlike benches, they provide a more permeable barrier around your fireplace area, allowing for better flow of foot traffic and an overall more open area. These can be custom designed to showcase natural stone veneer or the showstopping qualities of polished stone. The disadvantage here is that compared to benches, stools provide seating space for fewer guests in relation to the amount of space they take up.

Outdoor Sofas

Outdoor sofas bring the comfort of your living room out onto your patio. Upholstered with waterproof materials and filled with synthetic stuffing that is resistant to mold, outdoor sofas can be safely exposed to the elements without worry that they might become damaged. These can further be dressed with decorative scatter cushions for touches of bright color. The available styles of outdoor sofas is virtually limitless, so you’re assured a matching look for your outdoor areas. Another huge advantage of outdoor sofas is that they can be moved and rearranged according to the occasion, as well as be used in conjunction with permanent options to provide abundant comfortable seating for large numbers of guests.

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With each seating option providing it’s own advantages and unique visual appeal, it’s worth experimenting with combinations of the above in order to achieve the level of comfort you’re looking for in your fireplace area. A combination of moveable and permanent seating ensures that the area remains accessible at all times and that guests are free to relocate for comfort.

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