Put Your Outdoor Fireplace to Good Use with these Backyard Party Ideas

Make your Monroe, NY, backyard a noteworthy outdoor entertainment space with a fireplace that’s both cozy and stylish. An event centered around the fireplace is both impressive and personal, offering guests the warmth and ambience of a fire as they enjoy fine wine, outdoor cooking, and a night under the stars. With your own outdoor fireplace, you can put your hosting skills to good use with these backyard party ideas:

Wine and Cheese Tasting

There is something special about wining and dining outdoors with family and friends around a fireplace. The sounds of wood crackling, the smells of the fireplace, the sense of comfort and nostalgia it elicits, and of course the offer of fine wine makes it all a magical experience. Turn this into an event by offering your guests a selection of wines from local or foreign wineries paired with farm-style cheeses and breads.

Backyard S’mores Party

A simple, low stress way to entertain the kids. A s’mores party is perfect for birthday celebrations or sleepovers. You can take it a step further than the traditional graham crackers and marshmallows by offering a variety of snacks that can be roasted on the fire, including marshmallows, cookie dough and cheese. Kids and adults alike will love this fun fireside activity.

Watching the Game Outdoors

Put Your Outdoor Fireplace to Good Use with these Monroe, NY Backyard Party Ideas

If watching the game is your idea of the perfect afternoon, why not take this activity outdoors. With a specially mounted flat screen TV, you can enjoy the game and the flames from your backyard. Get the guys together, fill up the ice-buckets and enjoy. This is also a great opportunity to put your outdoor kitchen to good use during halftime.

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If you’re a keen mixologist, put your cocktail skills to the test by hosting a cocktail evening. An outdoor bar would be ideal for this occasion with an outdoor fireplace sealing the deal. Turn it into a competition by having each guest prepare their signature drink and offer a prize for the winner. If preparing drinks under pressure seems a bit daunting to you, have them prepared beforehand and keep them chilled in your outdoor bar mini-fridge, or prepare them by the jug and serve in frosted glasses. The warmth from the fireplace can help to provide a tropical feel, so why not go for a theme?

Romantic Date Night

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to put this idea into action. Whether it’s an anniversary or something special just because, a fireplace is the ultimate setting for a romantic date night at home. Impress your loved one with a cozy nook for two in a fireside loveseat. Whether you’ll be dining by firelight or enjoying snack platters, don’t forget sweet treats for dessert and sparkling wine to add magic to the evening. You can further enhance the atmosphere by placing an arrangement of candles on the mantel and adding outdoor speakers to your entertainment area to provide a gentle soundtrack to the evening.

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