Landscaping Ideas for Adding a Subtle Modern Touch to your NY Backyard

Streamlined aesthetic and sleek sophistication characterize the modern design style. Overall, a modern yard feels controlled, organized and uncluttered. Generally, the focus is placed more on hardscape features, furniture and structures than it is on plants. However, your softscape can also be used to contribute a clean, modern touch by focusing on color, texture and shape.

You need not overhaul your entire yard to receive the visual benefits of the modern design language. Here are some ideas for customizing your Pine Island, NY, landscape to add a hint of modern appeal in accordance with your tastes:

Creative Paving

The use of unique hardscaping elements can be used to incorporate a modern touch into your Pine Island backyard when the emphasis is placed on clean lines and simple elegance. Large format pavers and geometric patterns are a great way to do this. You can also introduce contrast by alternating between pavers and ground cover at regular intervals. For example, consider walkways consisting of large rectangular granite slabs in conjunction with lawn or gravel to create great visual impact. Moss or larger river pebbles can also be added between the slabs for a high impact walkway with a modern feel.

Stylish Water Features

A water feature adds visual interest to a front yard and creates a calm, inviting atmosphere. A peaceful ambience is added to a backyard with the soft sound of flowing water. Small, rectangular ponds create beautiful scenery by attracting hummingbirds, dragonflies or local frogs into the backyard. Wall fountains and waterfall features can also be used to add a modern touch by adding rich, shimmering texture. Clear, simple designs, coupled with the movement of water across smooth stone, are ideal for achieving this.

Potted Plants for Color

Modern design tends towards simplicity. Consider a few brightly colored flowers and neatly trimmed shrubs to add a splash of color and form to your backyard. These can also help to brighten up the darker corners of the backyard by providing a colorful visual composition. Remember, simplicity is key. A few strategically placed potted boxwood shrubs can do wonders to introduce modern structure and controlled greenery.

Raised Beds

Raised beds add a personal touch to your backyard. Raised beds can be created using all sorts of materials, including timber, concrete wall units or natural stone. Raised beds also provide an opportunity to grow plants not compatible to your backyard’s soil type since they can be filled with whatever kind of soil needed.

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Landscaping Ideas for Adding a Subtle Modern Touch to your Pine Island NY Backyard

Rock Gardens

A rock arrangement is a beautiful addition to any backyard, especially in relation to a modern aesthetic. A zen style rock garden adds subtlety and minimalist elegance and can be used to complement a number of other features, such as water features, patios and plant beds.

A woodland rock arrangement is achieved using mossy rocks and boulders of gray in assorted sizes along with low-growing wildflowers, such as trilliums and ferns. Multilevel rock gardens are effective in drawing the eye up from the ground and adding visual interest.

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