4 Types of Water Features for your
Orange County, NY Landscape

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Including water features in your outdoor living design adds movement and sound to the environment, providing a more natural feel to the space. Not only beautiful to look at, water features help to create ideal spots for relaxation, rejuvenation, rest, and stress reduction. Here’s a quick look at 4 types of beautiful water features for your Hudson Valley, NY landscaping.


Pondless Waterfall

Ideal if you are looking for an attractive waterfall with an amazing sound aspect, pondless waterfalls provide a relaxing atmosphere with reduced maintenance. Worked into a bigger landscape design, pondless waterfalls and streams can flow along side patios, into pools, and under bridges, creating a serene backyard retreat fit for your Orange County, NY home.


Pond or Water Garden

Koi ponds are perfect for homeowners who love being outside and enjoying wildlife. Literally creating an ecosystem for fish is a somewhat maintenance heavy endeavor, but the results can be truly breathtaking and calming. Many Koi and water gardening hobbyists form close relationships with their fish over many years and claim great health benefits and reduced stress. 



Water fountains can be a great focal point for gardens and landscapes as they draw visitors attention to the soothing sounds and visuals created by the moving water. There are many options in the fountain world including standalone concrete statuary fountains, pool fountains, stunning wall fountains that spill into larger pools, and spray fountains in the middle of water gardens that help with water clarity.


Reflecting Pools

A decorative feature that is generally seen in classic garden designs, reflecting pools are not as common in the landscapes of Orange County, NY.  However, in historical regions like Warwick, Chester, Goshen, and Florida, NY, the geometric and formal shapes of these water features could be a great fit. Plantings can add to the reflective nature of the still water with lotus varieties and water lilies being popular choices. 

Happy Water Gardening!