Preparing for your landscaping project

With the outdoor living season upon us here in the Hudson Valley, it’s time to start finalizing those design ideas and begin moving toward landscape design + installation. Exciting!

Here are some things to check off the list...

Interview and hire a professional landscaper

If you haven’t already, research and choose a well respected, professional landscape professional who shows the experience and understanding necessary for your project. Competence and capacity to deliver within your budget and completion time frame is a very critical criterion. The landscaper should hold any appropriate licenses and insurances and should have references available for you to contact if you wish. He or she should also be able to give you information about subcontractors and other partners that will help to complete the project if this is applicable. 

Provide helpful documents

Determine what documents will be necessary to make it easy for a landscape professional to assess your property and create a detailed design. Although the landscaping firm will certainly visit your property and take a walk through the area, a copy of your property’s plot plan and will make the designer’s job faster and more efficient – as well as helping to avoid any obstacles later on in the project. Such documents are especially important with structures like retaining walls, pergolas, swimming pools, and decks for which building permits are often required in the Orange County, NY region of the Hudson Valley.

Decide on your project's DESIGN and confirm your budget

Have a clear picture of your completed project. If you don’t, allow a reputable landscape design/build firm help with the design and planning as soon as possible. Work with the landscape professionals to choose the type of concrete pavers or natural stone for patios and paths, the plant material for garden beds, and the necessary features such as fire pits and swimming pools to suit your family's needs. During this phase, be sure to start thinking about your budget by determining what you are willing to pay based on the benefits the outdoor living space provides for you and your family.

Confirm drawings and designs

Take time to go through all design drawings carefully with your hired landscape professional. Make sure you ask questions about any aspect of the design that you don’t understand. Due to the nature of landscape construction projects, making sudden changes during execution of the project will be costly and will also impact the completion timeline. Take the necessary time before construction begins to make sure you are 100% happy with the landscape design plans!

Agree on maintenance Program

All landscape projects and outdoor living spaces require some form of maintenance. So make sure you discuss and budget for this aspect of owning a beautiful landscape. It’s a great idea to request details on how to take care of all the plants and other parts of the landscape before the construction process is complete.