Choosing a Landscape Design Style: Modern or Traditional?

Landscape design introduces a new facet into the overall aesthetics of your Warwick, NY, home, providing you with another dimension to express yourself through the design of your home. The choice between a traditional landscape and a modern landscape design not only depends on your personal taste but also the architectural design of your home.  On one hand, you can complement your home’s design with a corresponding landscape for a more harmonious look, or go with a complementary design to create an interesting contrast.

Let’s delve into what differentiates these two types of designs.

Modern Composition

A modern landscape tends to have a minimalist design, following the philosophy of form following function. Typical features of a modern design are the use of modern industrial materials such as concrete for patios and glass and metal for structures. Greenery plays a more subdued role in the landscape’s arrangement compared to more traditional designs, providing a contrast to the modern materials in form and color. Vivid colors are seldom used in modern design; instead visually interest is created through stark contrasts of color and texture. It is therefore ideal to stick with naturally colored materials such as natural stone and pale hues for furniture. Patio furniture also follows the design philosophy, with a streamlined look.

Modern Plantings

The types of plants you use around the yard also play a role in defining the design language. Modern landscapes follow a minimalist design and so work best with simple plants, preferably restricted to hues of green or more subtle shades with an uncluttered form, such as Japanese boxwood and foxtail ferns. Plants and grasses are generally organized in straight, clear cut lines to follow the streamlined form of the landscape as are paths and borders. A modern landscape design is remarkably easy to maintain and can work well with all manner of architectural construction.

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Traditional Features

Choosing a Landscape Design Style in Warwick NY: Modern or Traditional?

Traditional design goes with a more ornate composition and fewer rules than modern landscape designs. There is an emphasis on decorative features such as fireplaces and garden fountains with curved paths providing a natural flow to the entire landscape. Plants can be more elaborate and colorful and organized in more natural forms around the yard. Trees and plants with bright colors work well with their prominent structure and vividly colored flowers and give you a clue as to the tone a traditional landscape will usually follow.

Traditional Themes

Since traditional landscape design takes cues form old world landscape designs, you have a vast selection of themes to choose from. Some designs, such as the Colonial landscape, do a great job of mixing aesthetics with old-fashioned practicality. Typical design cues include gravel walkways that are easy to set up and maintain and vegetable gardens with traditional wooden fencing.

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Should you be more inclined to go with a fancier look, an old English landscape is bound to set your home apart. Cobblestone paths reminiscent of old European cities, ornate statues and water features coupled with tree groves are distinctive design cues of this landscape design. Or go for a traditional American Townhouse landscape design with ample use of wrought iron fences and benches alongside brick walls and subtle palette of plants.  

All in all, opt for a modern design if minimalism and a streamlined look appeal to you.  Or for a more lavish and feature rich landscape, you cannot go wrong with a traditional landscape design.