5 Fire Pit Styles for Summertime Gatherings

Summertime is prime time for social gatherings. The sun sets later; and schedules are more open because school is out. To enhance your hosting endeavors this summer, you might choose to add a fire pit to your landscape. This landscape feature can be a prime focal point of the space while also encouraging conversation, comfort, and nostalgia. While designing your fire pit in Warwick, NY, consult with a landscape professional as you consider the various styles available. Regardless of the style that you ultimately choose, remember to opt for materials and design that complements your existing architecture and landscape.

Standard Round Fire Pit

5 Fire Pit Styles for Summertime Gatherings in Warwick NY

When you picture a fire pit, you likely imagine the typical round, bonfire pit. While this choice may be the traditional option, you’ll find great variety in their designs. You can choose to purchase a pre-fabricated, semi-portable unit or a customized, permanent construction. In addition, the source of fuel, height, construction materials, and permanent seating options are entirely up to you. For a cozy, casual, conversation-spurring design, this option works well to encourage campfire-esque camaraderie.

Square Fire Pit

The advantages of choosing a square fire pit are more aesthetic than functional. For a landscape with consistently right angles or for a homeowner with a preference for straight lines, this option may be a better fit. You’ll still be able to customize the size of the square, considering the average amount of space needed and the limitations larger designs place on socializing, and include your tastes in terms of materials and accents. Square fire pits may limit the amount of guests you’ll be able to accommodate in comparison to circular designs, however this style is excellent for the inclusion of outdoor sofas or straight benches in the seating arrangement.

Extended Rectangular Fire Pit

Long, rectangular fire pits allow you to accommodate guests in a more linear fashion. This is ideal if the space is geared towards enjoyment of a view or landscape. This design also offers a modern appeal with its elongated geometry and may provide a better fit to narrow spaces. Because of its length, a rectangular fire pit can also serve as a space divider.

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Fire Table

Finally, the fire table introduces the coziness and aesthetic of the fire pit with the usefulness of a table. The fire table is ideal for those who enjoy hosting outdoor dining and desire to incorporate an interesting feature that enhances conversation and comfort. This option is also useful for those who find the typical fire pit too rustic for their tastes. Your dinner guests will appreciate the ambience, and you’ll be able to easily set the mood for romantic, intimate, or comfortable dining.

Outdoor Fireplace

As an honorable mention, an outdoor fireplace combines the intimacy and enjoyment of a fire pit with the luxury of an indoor fireplace. Although less open in design, outdoor fireplaces are perfect for landscapes prone to wind or colder evenings. This unit protects the fire and also forms a windbreaker to guard guests against chilly evening breezes.

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