Boulder Features for a Tranquil Swimming Pool Area

Boulder and rock features can add natural beauty and a special type of tranquility to the pool area of your Bethel, NY, home. These can be used to create features such as waterfalls, boulder formations, grottos, steps, rock gardens and more. Here are some great ideas to get you started on incorporating boulder features into your poolside landscape.

Boulder Walls

Boulder Features for a Tranquil Swimming Pool Area in Bethel, NY

Either as retaining walls or low walls, boulder walls create division or boundaries with the most natural look possible. This is done by arranging natural stone boulders vertically, either using mortar or in such a way as to allow them to remain self-standing. These features are bold and captivating, providing a pool area with a natural theme and relaxed feel. Boulder retaining walls allow for the creation of multiple levels that can be connected using natural stone steps that lead down to the pool. These features can be dressed up with ferns or moss grown over and between the rock to further enhance the natural effect.

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Rock Features

Rock arrangements or rock gardens are a common feature of zen themed landscapes, but are not limited to any specific design theme. These can be used to fill in plant beds, add vertical interest to a poolside landscape or accent shades used in the hardscape, tying hardscape and softscape together. Traditionally, the arrangement of rock gardens are governed by similar visual laws of art and sculpture to achieve balance and beauty. Whether a single boulder or a combination of various sizes, rock features and boulder arrangements are ideal for introducing rugged beauty into the landscape. The textures and shape of the rocks used can be selected to add variety and contrast to plantings. In addition, the beauty provided by these features is independent of season, making them excellent for dressing up low-maintenance designs and providing visual interest throughout the year.

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Nothing beats a waterfall feature for adding tranquility and ambience to a poolside setting. Integrated into the pool’s water circulation, these features can boost the aeration of your pool while providing the soothing sounds of running water. Using natural boulders, waterfall features are ideal for adding to a tropical poolside theme or simply creating a private natural sanctuary. Kids will love the sense of magic created by these features and enjoy hours of poolside fun in the cascading water. You can even take this a step further by including a diving platform or waterslide into the waterfall arrangement.


For a true sense of magic and a private spot for rest or meditation, consider incorporating a grotto into your pool area landscaping. Whether it’s a small alcove just big enough to house a piece of sculpture or a hollow large enough for a stone bench, grottoes are mystical old world elements that are ideal for adding tranquility to a poolside. This idyllic element can be built from natural stone boulders, incorporated into a large rock arrangement, or free standing as a shade and privacy structure.

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