Natural Stone and Greenery for a Welcoming Poolside Atmosphere

A well-designed poolside can completely transform the form and purpose of your Florida, NY backyard. Nothing beats the serenity and timeless charm of a swimming pool surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. You can enrich the experience of your poolside by creating a natural oasis using a mix of natural stone pavers and coping, and greenery for the surroundings.

Making Use of the Right Stone

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to choosing the aesthetic for their hardscapes; some homeowners prefer a rustic aesthetic, while others prefer something more contemporary. In either case, the look and feel of authentic natural stone is unrivaled.

A mixed choice of colors can be added, instead of relying on specific kinds of stones. Dark charcoal colors are good for creating a dramatic, high contrast effect, while lighter grays are a good choice for creating a relaxed feel while highlighting your pool area’s greenery. These shades are offered by granite, quartzite and bluestone.

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Natural Stone and Greenery for a Welcoming Poolside Atmosphere in Florida, NY

Flagstone offers a range of earthy tones that are always in style and can be an excellent option for introducing warmth and charm. Sandstone and other light gold options, such as Arizona flagstone and travertine, reflect the sunny atmosphere of a beachside setting. Consider combining one or more of these stones to create eye-catching borders or accents.


Trees provide a number of benefits to pool areas. As well as offering greenery, trees are a natural wind shield and can make dips on a breezy day that much more pleasant. If privacy is a concern in your backyard, trees provide an unimposing visual barrier, while also dampening sound. This can be handy in ensuring that the splashing in your pool doesn’t disturb the neighbors and vice versa. On the downside, trees that shed leaves and seeds can up pool maintenance. Therefore evergreen trees that shed consistently throughout the year at lower rates are a better option than deciduous trees. Alternatively, trees can be planted at a suitable distance so that their shedding does not interfere with the functioning of your pool.

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Shrubs and plants add vibrancy and life to your pool area, and can be used to transform your poolside into a tropical oasis. Evergreen shrubs such as boxwood are ideal for low maintenance pool area greenery with low lying cultivars providing excellent groundcover for such areas. Choose flowering shrubs to add pops of color and a variety of textures to your pool area.

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Water and Fire Features

In creating a soothing poolside ambience, water features are an excellent element for inclusion. These may include small fountains, or pool integrated water falls. Water features present another opportunity for showcasing the rich character of natural stone in the form of naturalistic rock formations or more formal designs incorporating carved slabs. The benefits of poolside water features extend beyond the aesthetic too. Pool integrated features promote water aeration, reduce algae growth and create endless fascination for kids. Fire features make excellent poolside focal points and can be used as a place to warm up after an evening swim. Fire pits and fireplace designs can be chosen to complement the natural stone choices of your poolside hardscaping.

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