Choosing Plantings for a Welcoming Swimming Pool Area in NY

To create a welcoming swimming pool area, the first step is naturally crystal clear water and a well-kept deck, but the masterpiece isn’t complete without a cultivated softscape. After all, you’ll need appropriate plantings to add a natural warmth to the space. For your pool area in Bethel, NY, choosing your plantings according to these guidelines will help you to create a unified and functional swimming pool space.


Choosing Plantings for a Welcoming Swimming Pool Area in Bethel, NY

Generally, swimmers feel more comfortable when the area has an appropriate level of privacy. If your swimming area includes a gawky privacy fence, you can lessen the harshness of the construction with ivy or other climbing vines. You can also incorporate shrubbery or other plantings in the area with enough height and bulk to provide sufficient privacy. Consult with a landscaping professional as you design your landscape for easy answers regarding appropriate plantings, complementary aesthetic, and a balanced design.

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Incorporating color into your landscape is a must, but around the swimming pool this element can be challenging. The tendency for damage due to splashing of chemically treated water can quickly kill vulnerable annuals. For this reason, think creatively as to the placement of annuals. Within beds, they generally provide both color and a third level of height, but you will want to either elevate or distance these beds from the pool. Alternatively, you can incorporate perennials like hardy Hibiscus plants into the landscape. During late summer, these vibrant blooms will brighten the pool area in a fashion that’s reminiscent of tropical plants.


Regardless of the location within the landscape, texture is essential to the consideration of plantings. Different textures within your swimming area are essential. Choosing a Yucca bush is an excellent way to add texture without adding a heavy maintenance requirement to your landscape.

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Planting choices must comprehensively include an eye toward varying heights. The key to a successful aesthetic is to group plants with three levels of height, adding depth to the design. For instance, grouping ornamental grasses with mid-height perennials and shorter, colorful annuals or groundcover is a powerful way to easily master the planting strategy for your pool area.

Ease of Care

As you make your decisions regarding the best plants for your swimming pool area as well as the placement of these plantings, make sure that you include a consideration of maintenance in the decision-making process. The amount of sun, water, and extra care during the winter should guide your placement decisions, and your dedication to care should determine the type of plants chosen. Instead of driving yourself crazy with these layered decisions, consult an expert in the field who can consider your needs along with a deep understanding of sustainable plantings for the region.


Finally, you will want to choose plantings for a swimming pool area that can take some abuse. From the chemicals, humidity, and sun during the summer months to the colder temperatures during the winter, our area demands plants that are hardy to a range of conditions. As you browse your options, keep in mind that zone 5 plantings include those that can withstand temperatures up to 15 degrees below zero. Also remember that the best way to create a design plan that is aesthetically, functionally, and practically possible is to consult with a landscaping professional from the area.