5 Perfect Swimming Pool Area Landscaping Ideas

With the weather slowly warming, it’s a great time for Warwick, NY homeowners to start thinking about getting their backyard remodeling done before the real outdoor weather sets in. That goes double if you’re itching to open your pool early this season. Here are five ideas you might consider in order to update your outdoor pool entertainment area.

Multi-leveled poolside patio

A poolside patio is a great place to relax, catch some sun and dry off after a swim. But if your poolside patio is starting to feel a little dull, why not introduce some dimension with multiple levels and some sweeping curves? Multi-leveled patios are visually interesting and tend to draw the eye downward toward the lower levels, making your pool the central point of the design. The different levels can serve to separate spaces of differing function - one level for pool lounge chairs, another with a breakfast table and chairs, and another with an integrated grill island, for example. Sweeping curves provided by steps or the edge of the pool further facilitate the visual impact of a multi-level patio, create the impression of space and contribute to a relaxing, naturalistic environment.

Integrated water features

5 Perfect Swimming Pool Area Landscaping Ideas for Warwick NY

As restful as your pool area may be, an integrated water feature can enhance this soothing atmosphere. The sound of water cascading into a pool spills over from the pool area into the surrounding landscape to create a complete backyard ambience that soothes and refreshes. Visually, water features are lively and dramatic. With the addition of landscape lighting to emphasize your poolside water features after dark, a waterfall or fountain feeding into a pool can take on the aura of something beautiful and unearthly.

Rock features

Whether you decide on rugged boulders to create a natural setting for the base for a pool-integrated waterfall or a adorn your pool area with a minimalistic Zen rock garden, rock features provide interesting form, color and texture to an area. Rock features make excellent fillers for sparsely populated plant beds and can be used to complement and enhance the natural stone paving of your pool surrounds.


Large trees are an excellent source of shade and privacy for a pool area, and can also be used to keep the area protected from wind and filter out noise. The downside to using trees alongside a pool is that the leaves they drop can disrupt the pool filtration systems and make for greater pool maintenance costs. Large trees also tend to dominate an area and can leave your pool with little to no sunlight to warm the water, reduce algae growth or allow for tanning. To counteract this, trees incorporated into a pool area should be placed far enough away that they contribute the benefits of privacy, wind and noise dampening, without being overbearing. Evergreen trees are also a good idea as they drop fewer leaves throughout the year.

Poolside fire pit

To warm up after an evening dip, or to simply enjoy the evening atmosphere of your pool area, a poolside fire pit can be an excellent investment. The natural stone or concrete veneer of the pit can be used to complement your poolside paving and the structure and surrounding seating can provide additional dimension to the area. Be sure to keep your fire pit where it won’t receive too many errant splashes. This can be achieved by placing it on a higher level than the pool, separating it with ample distance, or keeping pool and fire pit apart with a divider of low walls or shrubs.