Landscaping Myths Busted

As in all spheres of life in this technologically driven era, the landscaping industry is rapidly changing. Some of the long held truths regarding the business no longer apply and others may have been misguided from their inception. Here we’ll take a look at some common landscaping myths and put them to rest once and for all.

Landscaping is easy, anyone can do it

Landscaping Myths Busted in Bethel, NY

While simple, hands-on tasks like weeding or mowing the lawn can be fun if you enjoy time outdoors in the sun, more complex tasks require technical knowledge. Creating an outdoor area that is an elegant extension of your Bethel, NY home requires artistic skill, close attention to detail and engineering knowledge. The construction of fences, walls, paths and water features require some level of expert knowledge as well. There are also building codes and regulations to take into account. Best let the pros take care of what they do well.

A yard isn’t a yard without a lawn

When considering their yard, many homeowners believe that grass is the only option. However, grassless yards are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for ways to save water, time and unnecessary energy. Artificial turf, rocks, low-growing shrubs, gravel or permeable pavers can provide eco-friendly alternatives to a resource demanding lawn and still look fantastic.

A natural-looking landscape doesn’t need a plan

Unfortunately this isn’t the case. Many of the plants that take root “naturally” are invasive alien species that will quickly strangle the plants that provide aesthetic appeal and variation to a landscape. Plantings require careful planning for the seasons, soil conditions and water requirements in order to maintain a yard that is attractive all year round. As for hardscaping projects, going at these without a professionally approved plan can result in an inconsistent final project at best and a dangerous collapse of the structure at worst. Get a professional landscape designer to create a battle plan for your yard and avoid these dire scenarios.

Looks don’t matter unless you’re trying to impress other people

While a design with functional value and durability is definitely important, the aesthetic of a landscape should never be underestimated. Sure, the land around your house is the first thing people see when they visit your home, but a great landscape has less to do with them and more to do with creating a space that inspires you. If nothing else, a neat, well-designed yard adds real dollar value to your home and makes an excellent investment for sellers.

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Landscaping companies are all the same

This is simply not true. The quality of landscaping companies varies significantly, as do their areas of expertise. Some companies have experienced track records with extremely satisfied clients. Others, however, can consist of a poorly managed team of disinterested laborers. The value of your property can hinge on selecting the correct professionals for the job. Talk to friends and family who have recently had landscaping done. Ask them which company they hired, and whether or not they would use that company again. Look them up online and read some reviews of prospective companies. Make sure their experience covers project of a similar purpose, style and scale as the one you have in mind.