6 Alternatives for The Orange County, NY Lawn

For many homeowners, the consequences of caring for a lawn outweigh the benefits. Water, fertilizers, and chemical treatments zap money, while spending hours mowing, weeding, feeding, and edging is undesirable or simply not feasible. Eco-friendliness, too, is a common concern, as lawn care products and water overuse can increase a homeowner’s environmental impact. If the time, financial, and environmental costs of natural grass seem less than appealing, look to these 6 alternatives for your Orange County, NY lawn.

1. Concrete Pavers.

Lawn alternatives - use natural stone in Orange County, NY

Choose concrete pavers to carve out pleasant outdoor spaces on your landscape. Pavers can be manufactured to mimic a variety of materials including wood, stone, and porcelain, come in an array of colors and textures, and are easily cared for, so you can construct a custom lawn-free design with minimal maintenance requirements. Often quick installation (depending on the space) and easier repair (compared to other options) make concrete pavers a great option for homeowners who want to skip the numerous responsibilities associated with lawn upkeep. Opt in to enjoy the “room-like” feel of a paver patio or bistro area.

2. Natural Stone.

Stone is a wonderful alternative for the lawn, bringing natural warmth to your yard that won’t make you miss the grass. Natural stone comes in rough and cut shapes suited for rustic and contemporary designs alike. Use pea gravel or, if you want just a little greenery, plant a ground cover to fill the gaps between stone pieces. If you want a more modern look, natural stone can still help accomplish this look with more modern lines (like the ones from Unilock).

3. Artificial Turf.

Artificial grass alternatives are best kept for smaller spaces. Think joint lines to create patterns. Keep in mind that some watering and maintenance is necessary to keep turf looking green and absent of bacteria.

4. Gravel.

Want an inexpensive, water-free, and easily cleanable ground cover to adorn your yard? Go for gravel, which is available in numerous colors and sizes for maximum design versatility. Aside from raking away fallen leaves, upkeep is essentially zero.

5. Bark.

For a soft, naturally warm alternative for the lawn, select wood chips or bark. Choose from a range of shade and size options to match your home. Keep extra on hand to refresh your outdoor area periodically, as fading and organic degradation is prone to happen over time. Place edging around bark-laden areas to prevent wood from spreading to other sections of the yard.

6. Native Plants and Flowers.

For an uplifting, natural alternative for the lawn, plant sprightly native grasses and a colorful blanket of flowers. Utilizing native species creates a meadow effect, providing an expansive ground cover which needs little to no additional watering. A special bonus? Many flowering plant varieties stand up well to light foot traffic. Speak with your local nursery’s staffers to determine which species are right for your yard.

Erasing the grass from your property doesn’t have to yield boring alternatives. For a lawn-free yard that dazzles, not to mention saves time, money, and the environment, consider one of these unique options.

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