5 Ways to Spruce up Your Orange County, NY Driveway

Don't just be another home with a boring driveway; bring new life to your Orange County, NY driveway. Here are 5 things you can do to get the outstanding driveway your home deserves.

A Little Outdoor Lighting

The saying, “a little lighting goes a long way” is especially applicable to driveways. A driveway winding its way into darkness when the sun goes down can appear unwelcoming, but so can one that is lit by blinding spotlights. Simple and elegant outdoor lighting for your front entrance draws attention to the quality materials of your driveway rather than to itself. Lighting that is low to the ground can be can effective in lighting up the paving, but lighting at eye level to a driver or pedestrian can create unwanted glare, and as a worst case scenario, be a driving hazard. When selecting lighting for your driveway, also avoid bulbs and fixture that create stark shadows and instead opt for warmer, more even lighting.

Improve your Goshen, NY driveway

Plenty of Plantings

From flowerbeds to overhanging trees, plantings flanking your driveway create an attractive passageway for vehicles and pedestrians. Ideally, plantings can be selected to complement both the color and texture of your driveway material. One thing that should be kept in mind is that while large trees can transform your driveway into an attractive avenue, ample space should be allowed for the tree’s root system as it extends. Trees with more vertically inclined taproot systems should be favored for this as they are less likely to create disruption to the structure of your driveway.  

Shape Up

If you’re in the market for a driveway remodeling, consider the shape of your driveway in creating a fresh new look. Your driveway need not be boring straight and narrow (pun intended.) Wide driveways can be used to accentuate the horizontal planes of a house and enhance the appearance of space, while bold curves can be used to balance sharp angles and lines and complement the modern aesthetic. A driveway flared at the roadside is useful for creating a welcoming entrance while making for easier access. Circular plazas can also be incorporated into your driveway in order to help with traffic flow and create a look to rival that of an Edwardian mansion.

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Add a Gate

The origin of the word, "gate," can be traced back to the Old Norse gata meaning “gap” or “way.” While you may not be battening your gates against Viking hordes, a well selected gate can still send a message. Wooden slats, warmly colored and richly textured, can make a welcoming entrance for a home in the modern contemporary style, for example. For the truly flamboyant, a custom gate emblazoned with the family initial, after all, a man’s and woman's home is his or her castle. Whatever your preference, elegant designs can be achieved in a vast range of materials to match the style of your home and complement the pavers of driveway.  

Laying Patterns

The laying pattern you choose for the pavers of your driveway contributes as much to its character as the pavers you use. Be sure to select a pattern that complements your pavers and the architectural style of your home. A randomized pattern, for example, will enhance the appeal of a paver with a rustic, natural appearance, while a more ordered pattern may be better suited to a house in the modern contemporary style.

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