Is a Multi-level Patio Right for You?

If you're tired of your landscape the way it is or if you're in process of starting the design on your new outdoor living space, a multi-level patio could be just the thing to give your backyard some added pop. Multi-level patios are exactly what they say on the tin. It's an area that has been structured using steps so that it has higher and lower levels. Here are a few of the most important things to think about when considering a multi-level patio for your Orange County, NY home.

Uneven ground without slopes.

The worst thing about uneven ground is prolonged gradients. Slopes in your terrain are straining to walk over, can't be built on without additional hassles and can obstruct vision. You may however be partial to some of the benefits. Uneven ground can give depth and character to the aesthetic of your grounds and many will love the way a raised surface offers a varied perspective over the surroundings.

Florida, NY multi level patio

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Separation and practicality.

By adding structure to your patio area, you are effectively segmenting it into clear visual sections. This can give your patio the feeling of being split into outdoor rooms. The top level, the stairway and the lowest landings will all feel like separated areas even though they are pretty much in the same place. For example, you can have an outdoor kitchen on one level and then have a fire pit on another level.

This benefit will likely pull on the heartstrings of anyone that likes to keep spaces particularly organized. As an added function, steps can also double up as seating when the weather permits. You can build focal points into your grounds by planning the layout of levels. Would you prefer to bbq in the middle of your backyard or from the side for a wider perspective? If you have beautiful, panoramic views, be sure to place the seating and resting areas at higher ground.

Freedom of design.

With any man-made structure comes choice. Multi-level patios offer the chance to completely manipulate the landscape to your will. You can add surfaces to different areas to further segment styling and themes, create focal points through shapes or layout planning and even influence traffic flow. The possibilities are endless and play right into the hands of those who want to be openly creative with their space.

Florida, NY multi level patio

Variety of materials.

Multi-layer patios are most commonly built from some combination of wood, concrete pavers, and natural stone. Wood is flexible, easier to manipulate and perhaps the most affordable of the possible materials. Paver and natural stone patios will be more sturdy, grander, more weather resistant and will require less maintenance through the years. Extremely unique surfaces can be achieved with a variety of stone and paver types and styles. Just by adding one or two extra layers, the scope for creativity and design possibilities can be expanded extensively. Related: Pavers or Natural Stone?