6 Natural Stone Options for your NY Patio

Natural stone is an authentic and attractive option for patio covering. Ranging in effect from sleek to rustic, natural stone offers a broad scope of colors, textures and patterning that can contribute personality and pizzazz to your Florida, NY patio. Here are 6 natural stone options that promise the best of what natural stone has to offer.

6 Natural Stone Options for your Florida NY Patio


Renowned for its strength and durability, granite is a hardy rock characterized by large particles and high quartz and feldspar components. Some common colors of granite include black, gray, pink and white, but other more exotic colors, such as blues and greens, are also occasionally featured. Granite often presents surface mottled with flecks of black and the sparkle of quartz. Highly water and stain resistant, granite is reliable, easy to maintain, and rich in detail, making it a strong choice for your patio.


A traditional building material in many American towns, particularly in New York and Pennsylvania where it is quarried, bluestone has a sand-sized grain and, as the name suggests, comes in a range of blue and grey, as well as hints of brown. Bluestone is a resilient rock that contributes to an elegant yet traditional outdoor space and goes well with almost any color scheme and style of home. Bluestone also has a safe, non-slip surface and a general resistance to weathering.


Limestone has a fine, powder-like grain composed predominantly of calcium crystals. With colors including white, yellow and warm pinks, limestone has a gentle gradation of color, both in terms of individual varieties as well as within a single stone. Limestone patios are subtle, warm and relaxed, with a definite summery character. Although not the strongest rock, timeworn limestone can still be attractive because of its pitted, tumbled character and deep texture.


Similar to limestone, but with a coarser, sand-like grain, sandstone’s color range extends to reds, blues, browns and occasional greens, but also include the paler colors of limestone. Like limestone, sandstone can feature gentle waves of color that run through the rock like reef. Sandstone has a pleasing, non-slip texture to its surface and its use can easily be extended to include pool patios and walkways.


An attractive stone with a great variety of colors and details, flagstone features golds, browns, blues, blacks and reds, with each stone often containing combinations of colors and grades of light and dark. Intricate veins of detail are common in flagstone, as is a coarse texture and irregular shape. Flagstone’s natural irregularity and variation is often what most attracts homeowners, and what makes it an excellent patio paver for creating a rich, characterful environment.


A highly detailed version of limestone, travertine presents not just gentle gradations, but mottled, layered and sometimes concentric patterns. Polished, travertine can present a luxurious, detailed surface with depth and warmth, while unpolished travertine has a warm, characterful matte finish. Travertine’s colors are pale but warm, featuring cream, gold and soft rose blushes. Travertine patios are both subtle and luxurious, while remaining warm and inviting.

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