5 Best Materials for your Winter Patio

Whether it’s bringing warmth to your closed off Bethel, NY winter patio or getting the best durability out of your patio to withstand the winter elements, these five materials each come with their own benefits for the winter months.

Concrete Pavers

Versatile and durable, concrete pavers top this list with their ability to withstand anything that nature can throw at them. The density and low porosity of concrete pavers make them impervious to the thaw/freeze cycle and resistant to water damage. If your patio is open to the elements, concrete pavers can be safely salted to prevent snow and ice buildup without any cause for concern regarding salt, chemical or water staining. Concrete pavers are also designed to imitate their natural stone counterparts, so their range of surface colors and textures is vast. Choose a red brick-style concrete paver for a visually warming effect, or the sunny gold of limestone to brighten up a bleak winter.

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Like concrete pavers, granite is extremely dense and low in porosity. Snow, ice and salt pose no challenge at all for the tightly packed crystals of quality granite. Visually, gray and black variations of granite can be quite stark against a winter backdrop, but a granite rich in pink feldspar can provide visual warmth and offer an appealing alternative to less colorful variations. While its strength and color variations make it an attractive option, granite stays cool even in summer, making it a better option for an uncovered patio that will retain its character against the weather.

5 Best Materials for your Bethel NY Winter Patio


In contrast to granite, sandstone is not as durable, dense or impervious to stains, but its soft feel and natural warmth make it perfect for closed off or partially covered patios where an outdoor fireplace can be put to good use during winter. The gold, red and pink blushes of sandstone bring a warm and sunny aesthetic to any patio and create an inviting winter atmosphere.


The rich coloring, texture and detail of flagstone, as well as its earthy colors and irregular shapes make for a cozy outdoor area whether enclosed or open. Flagstone can be relatively easily cleaned, and salt and water stains do not pose any real concern for a high grade flagstone patio. Flagstone’s rustic nature can give an enclosed winter patio an intimate log cabin atmosphere that remains welcoming throughout the year.


With an even softer feel than sandstone, travertine makes for a patio with a luxurious look and feel. Travertine comes in a variety of warming colors and characteristic patterned veins. With either concentric or gentle linear veins and characterful mottling, travertine presents a visually rich and appealing surface for any outdoor area. Not the most durable option, but certainly one of the most visually appealing, travertine does require some forethought and maintenance in order to extend its longevity through years of icy winters. However, on a heated winter patio, travertine can retain a comfortable warmth while remaining mild to the touch during summer.

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