Outdoor Storage Tips

outdoor storage for backyard in pine island and Goshen, NY

If you find yourself in a relentless battle with backyard clutter at your Orange County, NY home, it might be time to examine the effectiveness of your outdoor storage systems. In this article, we’ll look at just some of the ways you can reduce clutter in your yard and protect your lawn equipment with these stylish and unobtrusive outdoor storage options.

Tool shed

A tool shed is a classic solution for most garden clutter. Although sheds have become synonymous with “man-caves’ and are even being used as outdoor offices as more and more people use the internet to promote their skills online, the tool shed is still a valuable outdoor storage feature. To supplement the storage space provided by a garage, or to replace it, the tool shed is an excellent high volume storage option.

Storage benches

Seating is a necessity for your patios and outdoor entertainment areas, so why not double them up as storage chests? Storage benches provide the perfect compartments to store cushions for your outdoor seating, your kids’ sport equipment or garden tools. The storage provided by these benches is so unobtrusive that you’ll forget you’re sitting on a spacious trunk filled with miscellaneous items, just make sure that your outdoor storage benches are well-sealed against the elements and that you never store wet outdoor cushions.

Below deck storage

If you have an existing deck or are thinking about having one put in, consider fitting it with a below deck storage compartment. This is essentially a storage compartment tucked out of the way beneath your deck structure and can be accessed from ground level or, less commonly, via a hatch in the deck. With some siding to your deck, this compartment is virtually invisible and can be latched and locked to provide extra security for your equipment.

Bicycle storage

If your kids are in the habit of leaving their bikes on the front lawn, why not invest in a clever bicycle storage system? Bicycle storage can be as simple as a rack fitted with its own roof to protect the bikes from the elements or as large as a bicycle shed designed to hold 1-4 bicycles. Other bicycle storage systems include freestanding bicycle-sized drawers and compact structures resembling outdoor closets for housing bikes. Whatever system you choose, it’s sure to protect your family’s wheels and encourage the kids to pack away their cruisers when they’re done riding for the day.

Garden hose storage

Garden hoses can take up a lot of space in the backyard and create the visual impression of clutter. With sprinklers and smart watering systems, hose pipes can be all but done away with, but If you’d still like to have the freedom of a hose, or need it for certain gardening functions, a clevered covered hose reel or mounted hose rack are ideal storage solutions. Spring-coiled hoses offer the advantage of retracting themselves automatically, making them easier to store and preventing tangling, while ornate hose pots provide decorative features to keep your garden hose stored and out of sight when not in use.

Swimming pool storage

A pool hut is the perfect space for all the equipment and chemicals required for keeping your pool in great shape. In addition to providing storage room, a pool hut can be built in order to provide a shaded spot for your swimming pool and patio area and can be fitted with a bathroom and shower to hose off the chlorine after a swim.

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