5 Ways to Spruce up Your Retaining Wall for Summer

The role of a retaining wall is not only holding dirt in place, but to create structure and enhance the beauty of your Florida, NY, outdoor space. Retaining walls are great for designing a multi-layered backyard. And with the skills and design flair offered by Landworx, your retaining walls can become central features of your landscape in their own right. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone adds an incredible decorative touch to any hardscape element. By using stone veneer, you can create dramatic visual appeal that will transform your retaining wall into the highlight of the landscape. Stone veneer is a flexible material that is used to cover concrete and brick walls. It is ideal for both curved and straight surfaces and offers solid coverage.

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One of the best things about this option is the affordability. Wet walls are less expensive than those built from natural stone only. By adding natural stone to the retaining wall’s design, you can enjoy the unique effects of natural stone at an affordable price. The design options are countless, with many types and styles of stone veneer on the market.

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To improve both the durability and aesthetic qualities of a retaining wall, coping is a component well worth adding to the design. Coping is the topmost protective layer of the wall and can be selected to contrast or highlight the materials used in the wall itself. This layer prevents moisture from seeping into the mortar or materials beneath it and subsequently protects the wall from gradual deterioration due to weathering. Coping can also enhance the use of the wall by providing a comfortable surface on which to sit, giving the wall the double function of permanent seating. If creating seating is your objective, remember to select a smooth coping, preferably with a rounded or worn edge.

Water Features

Water features are sure to add movement and ambience to the immediate area. A water feature incorporated into a retaining wall can create a stunning focal feature. It will also act to cool the area during summertime. Consider transforming a section of your retaining wall into a cascading waterfall to enhance the color and sheen of the natural stone or concrete surface.

Tile Mosaic

Tile mosaic is the ideal option for large, concrete retaining walls that practically beg for some creative coverage of their surface. Mosaic tiles offer countless patterns and shapes that can be used to add interest and complexity to the wall.

4 Ways to Spruce up Your Florida NY Retaining Wall for Summer


Plants make the landscape bright and vivid, and by choosing plants available in your area, you can decorate your retaining wall and create a vibrant look. Plantings tend to soften hardscape features and can be used to better integrate the wall into the softscape. Retaining wall plant beds allow plants to cascade over the surface of the wall. The wall itself can be used as an attractive backdrop for plantings by creating a richly populated plantbed in front of the retaining wall.