Everything You Need for a Comprehensive Patio Design

If you take the landscaping of your Warwick, NY, home seriously, you know that a lot of work goes into the design process. Selecting a size, a look and a type of landscape item that fits in with the rest of the outdoor area takes effort and time. Plus, you have to consider the diverse climate of Warwick and choose just a few materials from the huge range of landscaping products that are available on the market. A comprehensive design needs to consider a number of different elements before you get down to the actual construction.


Most people think that the obvious place for a patio is directly adjacent to the house. But this is not necessarily so, especially when you think of the elements of good design. So before you start, step outside and see how it might look to have a patio directly adjacent to the house. Do you really need it there, and if so, what is the aspect ratio that will make the patio integrate with the design of the home? Or could the patio actually look nicer over there in that far corner? It might add a nice intimate nook to your overall design.

Think about other factors as well. For instance, you should ask yourself: will the position of the sun affect the use of the patio? Look further out into the yard, and consider whether that far corner will get the shade in the daylight hours and the sun in the late afternoon. Could that be a better place for your patio?

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Everything You Need for a Comprehensive Patio Design in Warwick, NY


Think about the use you’ll give the patio. If you are going to eat outside but prepare food indoors, don’t place the patio too far from the kitchen. Likewise keep your outdoor areas accessible to one another as well. Particularly areas that have relating functions, such as outdoor kitchen areas and dining areas.

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Size and Shape

Consider the size of your new patio. Don’t settle for a regular rectangle as a patio until you have studied the different patio shapes, as well as the shape of the actual paver you use. Remember, your patio needs to mesh well with the softscape as well as the style of the home - don’t be afraid to integrate sweeping curves or interesting geometry.

Patio Materials

The materials you choose need to blend in with the style of the home and the yard. The paver materials should be harmonious in color and style and blend with the other hardscape elements of the yard. Note that the paver materials should not be the dominant characteristic, but instead complement the outdoor space in its entirety.

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Plant Borders

Consider the plant borders you will use for the patio. Compare the patio pavers to the colors of the plants and flowers you choose. Decide on whether you want tall grass-like plants for your borders, or small flowering clumps. You may not even want a natural plant border and may opt for potted plants to surround the patio at certain points. Consider the types of plants and how they will look with the colors and style of your new patio design.