Does Your NY Patio Need Outdoor Rooms?

Patio space should be defined and separated depending on the function of the area. However, defining these spaces can be as subtle as furniture placement or as explicit as dividing curtains and other materials. The number of outdoor rooms, as well as their function, should be decided by the anticipated function of the outdoor areas themselves. While planning your patio in Warwick, NY, look to landscaping pros for assistance in the design creation and implementation for a highly functional and appearance-worthy space.

Outdoor Kitchen

One of the most sought-after and functional outdoor rooms that you’ll likely consider for your patio space is an outdoor kitchen. Whether you include every creature comfort typical to a kitchen area or limit the area to a nice grill and countertop, preparing food should be the defining function of this space. Considerations for this area include efficiency, clean up, wind direction, and safety. This area should be conveniently near to the indoor kitchen, inclusive with amenities designed for easy food prep, and designed with materials that complement the home. You may also choose to create a separate dining space or include it within your outdoor kitchen design. Whether you choose to separate this room with a rooftop or allow the furniture to speak for itself, the appearance of the space should make its function clear while complementing the existing landscape and architecture.

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Outdoor Sanctuary

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy some peace and quiet, consider making one of your outdoor patio rooms a sanctuary of sorts. The final product may include a water feature, comfortable seating, maybe even a hammock or nap area of some sort depending on your tastes and preferred method of relaxation. Common features may include an element of privacy, a comfortable place for seating or reclining, and features that reduce noise and provide a soothing ambience. Consult with a landscaping design professional to get an understanding of the available options as well as the best layout for your landscape’s individual circumstances.

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Outdoor Living Room

Does Your Warwick NY Patio Need Outdoor Rooms?

A key feature of any patio space will be a seating area. Choosing to extend this layout to incorporate living room features will enhance your family’s enjoyment of the patio as well as the potential for hosting successful outdoor events. Seating in this area may be permanent hardscape constructions or facilitated by outdoor furniture. Your choice may depend on the likelihood of changing circumstances or your interest in the ability to adjust the layout. Considerations for afternoon sun, the view, and the proximity to the play area should play a role in the design.

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Outdoor Office

Having a comfortable area outdoors to get things done is useful for those who work from home or have the capacity to telecommute. Little is better when work calls than being able to enjoy natural sunshine, a cool breeze, and the sound of your children playing while you get your work done. For this area, you will need a somewhat private space with a durable desk and chair as well as a screen to block sun during the late afternoon. Considering the space that you have, your desired outdoor activities, and the advice from a landscaping pro, begin your outdoor room project to maximize your family’s appreciation and use of your property.

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