4 Ideas for a Stunning Detached Patio

Our experience and years in business have given us the opportunity to see and build more than a few stunning detached patios in the Chester, NY, area. As such, we have decided to share these ideas with you as inspiration for introducing this stunning hardscape element into your backyard.

Lush Patio

For a classic secret patio design, tucked away in thick vegetation, imagine a cobblestone patio complete with white wrought iron furniture, and a trellis or vine draped pergola for overhead covering. This can make for an intimate seating area, a good place to enjoy the sunshine, read a book, or have an after dinner drink. Surround the small patio with lush plantings for privacy. And don’t forget to include a French style bench for comfortable seating and decor. A nearby water feature can further contribute to the space’s magical atmosphere.

Curvy Patio

4 Ideas for a Stunning Detached Patio in Chester NY

An interesting way to make a detached patio seem like a part of the overall design is to give it some curves, something that is not too symmetrical. This type of patio is an ideal place to sit by a warm fire and makes an ideal warm winter hangout when placed next to a privacy wall or under a pillared outdoor roof. The curves featured in this design can reflect the curvilinear design of your swimming pool and plant beds to continue this form theme throughout the landscape.

A Welcoming Fall Patio

Add a welcoming fall patio by ensuring that your detached patio includes a protective enclosure to keep out the cold and trap in the warmth of an outdoor fireplace. Such an enclosure can include a permanent roof and sliding doors or more temporary features such as retractable covering. And even if drifts of snow keep you from the patio during the winter months, this detached patio design will be an ideal place to snuggle up into the fall. This sort of patio design has the benefits of offering the comforts of an indoor room, a place where friends can gather, warm their hands over the fire, and be immersed in the captivating setting of quaint stone veneer walls and greenery.

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A Touch of Sophistication

Clean balanced lines in earthy tones and organic shapes can also be beautiful in a detached patio. Modern does not have to mean cold. Instead a modern detached patio design can be achieved using warm colors and the rich textures of natural stone or concrete pavers offset by a combination of sweeping curves, right angles and clear angles. In keeping with a modern detached patio that remains warm and welcoming, consider furniture that offers comfort as well as a bold look with clear, strong forms - hanging egg chairs, for example, or comfortable, modern outdoor sofas.

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Central Detached Patio

While it may be tempting to tuck a detached patio into a secret backyard hiding spot, keeping it central can also make for an effective landscape layout. Using circular forms and features such as a round fire pit and surrounding seating, your central detached patio can create the impression of being at the center of a much larger circle of which your home and yard is a part.

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