Gorgeous Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas for your Warwick Home

The right lighting set-up can make a marked difference in accentuating the features of your Warwick, NY, home and yard. Given the important role lighting plays in how we perceive our environment, the correct use of decorative lighting is almost as important as the feature you are trying to highlight. In this guide we will shed light on some interesting outdoor lighting ideas for your yard.

Going country with old school lighting

Lanterns are a very easy way to add some character to your yard, combining functionality with style. They tend to flow well in traditional landscape design due to their rustic charm. They are also incredibly versatile as they can be hung from posts along pathways or on structures like gazebos. You can also go the added step of using traditional lanterns with candles or kerosene, or simply enjoy the plug and play convenience of electric lanterns while still having the rustic ambience they bring. Candlelight and kerosene lanterns are also more flexible in their placement as they don’t have the limitation of electrical cords and can be placed anywhere in your yard as per requirement.  

Mason jar lights produce a similar effect, giving your yard a more homely feel. These are particularly suited for use as perimeter lighting along walkways, paths, walls and fences and can create a charming rustic theme if coupled with lanterns. Their versatility lies in how easy they are to install and how easily you can change colors with colored paper or bulbs. Solar powered options for both lanterns and mason jars are also quite viable and reduce the hassle of dealing with inhibiting wiring.

The simple charm of candles

Candles might not be the most obvious thought when discussing outdoor lighting but they can prove to be incredibly versatile. They can provide soft ambient lighting and a warm glow that works especially well on the outer perimeters of fire pits and fireplaces. Moreover, scented candles also provide an excellent way to scent the air. They can be easily used alongside traditional lighting to create some additional drama.

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Good old string lights

Gorgeous Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas for your Warwick NY Home

String lights are perhaps the most common form of decorative lighting for yards. This is mostly down to their adaptability as they can be easily wrapped around structures such as trees and pillars, as well as snaked through branches. More commonly, they can be integrated into structures such as gazebos and pavilions along the roof or hang down the sides like a curtain of lights. They are usually inexpensive and available in a variety of hues, adding to their charm, and can be adapted to all manner of designs and landscape types with ease.

Moon lighting

Moon lighting is a highly impressive way to light up your entire yard. It requires mounting a large light high up in a tree. A bright white bulb can then bathe your yard in a soft light mimicking a full moon shining down on your yard. The white light can work especially well if you have warm lighting elements such as yellow string lights or a roaring fire pit to contrast it.

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